Natural Remedies

All the power of officinal plants to tap into with best natural remedies for home healing

This chapter holds the key to Nature’s own cures against most health problems we face day in, day out. If truth be told, we took special pleasure in doing the research and editing for this section, and quite understandably so: there is hardly any other such reassuring and invigorating cure as a cup of fragrant herbal infusion. And the healing powers featured by countless number of medicinal herbs and other organic therapy tools are proverbial.

This is a place where palliating meets indulging, to say nothing of the fact that most of drugs ever invented by pharmacological science are based on miscellaneous herbs, whose curative potential has been known long before the times of Avicenna. What we offer in the recipes that follow is genuinely organic remedies whose ingredients are added and prepared by your own hands to bring relief in any condition. With natural remedies, you simply cannot go wrong. We suggest that you avail of the voluminous collection of environmentally-friendly cures we have prepared, making it a part of your active (and highly efficient!) knowledge on how to improve your health and general quality of living.

ADHD Helped Naturally: 20 Remedies That Help Focus And Adapt

ADHD Helped Naturally: 20 Remedies That Help Focus And Adapt

Attention deficit and hyperactivity deficiency syndrome is a neuropsychic disorder that affects the development of the baby and the adolescent. This disturbance does not recognize a single specific cause; Origin seems to be multifactorialAttention...