All Effective Methods On How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction: Exercises, Natural Remedies, Pills

To improve erection you have to understand how it works. In order to avoid false and unrequired solutions, it is first and foremost necessary to understand how the erective mechanism that brings the penis into erection and keeps it in that state is the case. The erection of the penis is due to an increase in the flow of blood in the cavernous bodies (very similar to a sponge that holds blood).

How To Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction

Things you may not know about erections

The penis shaft is almost entirely made up of these cavernous bodies (the penis is not a muscle). The increase in blood flow to the cavernous bodies is caused by mental excitement. So it can be said that erection begins in the mind as a psychological phenomenon (mental excitation), then it becomes a physical-organic phenomenon (increased blood flow to the penis).

Both total erection problems, such as erection drops during penetration or erection of unsatisfactory duration, can be caused by two kinds of major causes:

  • physical-organic causes
  • mental-psychological causes

If you want to improve penile erection and you feel that you have a long lasting and unsatisfactory consistency to successfully end your sexual intercourse, you must first understand what limits your erectile capacity. The visit to your basic practitioner or a specialist (urologist or orrologist) is always advisable, because often the erectile problems are the result of more or less serious organic causes and may involve parts of the body far from the genital area.

Medical examinations can be many as the case may be. Among these exams we can generally be:

  • levels of testosterone (a fundamental hormone for health)
  • triglycerides and cholesterol
  • hemoglobin, blood glucose
  • azotemia, creatinemia (kidney status)
  • bilirubin, gamma GT, transaminase (liver status)
  • TSH, Ft3, Ft4 (for the thyroid)
  • FSH, LH, prolactin (hypothalamus and hypophysis)
  • PSE and prostate health

Things you may not know about erections

Any exams to be performed can also be many others and are agreed by the specialist doctor. In most cases of erectile dysfunction, or a simpler drop in erection that you want to improve, the cause of the problem is of mental-psychological and non-physical origin.

Erectile dysfunction cures

If the specialist visit reveals organic problems that cause defective deficiency, the specialist may opt for various solutions as appropriate. If it is a lack of specific nutrition, it can opt for dietary supplements. Such integration should be prescribed and monitored by a specialist, as improper use of natural supplements may prove to be very harmful to health.

This is one of the reasons why you should avoid the various supplements to improve erection, easily found on the internet. If the specialist visit reveals blood flow problems in the genital area as the cause of erection problem, the specialist may opt for erectile dysfunction medicines as an adjuvant to improve erection.

These drugs are part of the category of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and are:

  • Viagra – active ingredient sildenafil
  • Levitra – active ingredient vardenafil
  • Cialis – active ingredient tadalafil

Viagra_Cialis_LevitraThese 3 drugs (Viagra, Levitra and Cialis) do not represent a definitive cure for erectile dysfunction or to improve erection. The active principles are only to help fluid fluid in the genital area only when they are hired, but in order to obtain and maintain erection of the penis, the psychological thrust of sexual excitement must in any case be necessary.

Therefore, in the absence of the right mental excitement, for causes of psychological problems (performance anxiety and the like), in any case penile erection does not even take such drugs or any type of supplement more or less natural.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra may have serious side effects, and use should be prescribed and monitored by medical specialists. The versions of such drugs easily available on the web (without prescription or prescription) are just imitation of the known drugs, available only at the pharmacy after presentation of the prescription.

The truth is that improper use of various drugs or supplements, in the hope of improving erection, often leads to a worsening of the problem of erection and assessment problems in the sex and the couple’s sphere as it becomes literally dependent on something outside to be able to do sexual activity.

How to improve erection intelligently and definitively

Except where the use of drugs proves to be the only possible remedy for physical-organ erection problems (and only a specialist visit can confirm it), in most cases the problem of erection proves to be of a nature psychologically and mentally. Therefore, the remedy for improving erection cannot be in the pharmacological field or in any of the various dietary supplements.

Pills, creams, oils, ointments, exotic herbs extracts, taurine, damiana, miura puama, maca, ginseng, cinnamon, cola, earth tribulus, nitric oxide and many other supplements that promise easy results in improving erection useless, often damaging and a hasty and unobtrusive choice. The best way to do this, to improve penile erection during sexual intercourse, is in these cases training with mental techniques to find inner safety, which is often lost when experiencing erectile problems with women.


Particular and special mental techniques can also greatly help in boosting the psychological thrust of mental excitement during sexual intercourse. This is to improve the set of bio-chemical and neural signals that, from the brain, are sent to the genital area to increase the blood supply to the penis for longer and more intense times.

Improving and enhancing inner security and mental excitement during sexual intercourse means improving your penis erection in duration and intensity.

mental techniquesFurther enhancement of erectile capacity can be achieved if, through mental techniques, specific physical techniques are combined with specific exercises. Mental techniques and physical techniques, combined in one method, are the most effective and safe way to improve erection definitively without taking drugs, pills or questionable supplements.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

When erection problems occur during sexual intercourse, many men are immediately looking for natural remedies for their erectile problem. There is, however, much confusion as to what exactly ‘natural remedies’ mean, and it is very easy to engage in real frigates or ‘natural’ products that have little.  First, when you have erection problems, the first ‘natural’ remedy to take is always to go to your own basic physician to see if erection problem is possibly the symptom of a more serious and unseen issue.

medical examinationFor example, through the medical examination, one can find out that the cause of the problem is a cardiovascular difficulty due to smoking (a cause very common and underestimated by many cigarette smoking men or cannabinoids). In a case like this, quitting smoking or decreasing the number of cigarettes and doing some physical activity is the most natural remedy that exists.

Or you can always find out through a medical examination that the cause of the problem is a prostate inflammation (very common among cyclists due to the prolonged rubbing of the perineum on the snout). In this case it will be totally useless to look for natural remedies for erection when the problem is with the prostate (it may be useful to seek natural remedies for prostate problems).

The medical examination may also be useful to take a doubt and feel yourself told by your doctor, after any examinations you have to undergo. You can rest, have no physical problem, it is probably just anxiety / stress / insecurity / mental blocks.but physically it’s all right.

Since the solution offered by doctors is almost always pharmacological (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) and because drugs are expensive and not always work as advertised (in addition they are only useful when the cause of erection problem is organic and not mental) many men go looking for more natural remedies and come across various types of ‘natural’ pills (sometimes also oils or creams).

These natural remedies for erection problems do not exist for a few years, exist for centuries, even millennia. It remains to be wondered why only Viagra has become so famous. The reason is very simple: because Viagra was the first remedy in history (though not natural but pharmacological) that worked really well and in most cases when erection problem had an organic cause (such as difficulty of blood circulation localized in the genital area due to a prolonged erectile inactivity of the penis).

In fact, contrary to all the other natural remedies, it really helped the fluidification of the blood inside the cavernous body of the penis. but only if a mental excitement first took place. In fact, without the mental excitement, the drug cannot perform its function in any way and erection cannot take place!

More natural remedies and recipes for erectile dysfunction cure:

Studies that yield how to cure erectile dysfunction with ginseng

Does ginseng improve erection and is it useful in case of impotence and erectile dysfunction? Ginseng has been used as a result of erectile dysfunction since its ability to improve the sexual performance of man has been discovered. Today, this root is one of the most popular officinal herbs, both because of its beneficial properties in this field and because it allows not to take drugs if not strictly indispensable.

Ginseng has proven to be effective without causing particular and serious side effects, which cannot be sustained for Viagra. There are three main types of ginseng, Korean ginseng and American ginseng derived from plant roots of the Panax family (Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolium L. respectively) and Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), all distinct from the place of origin, origin.

American ginseng has more than one calming properties, mainly used for influenza and respiratory tract infections. The Korean ginseng, on the other hand, seems to be much stronger and more effective, especially the red variety, which is distinct from white for a boiling step in addition to drying. The latter stimulates the functions by re-activating the whole organism: when it is taken, it seems to improve much blood circulation and this also results in better performance

The penis operating system is very simple: it is formed by cavernous bodies that during excitement fill with blood and more blood passes, the more erection is effective. If you do not get enough blood, you have erectile dysfunction. Ginseng is thought to be a good remedy for this problem because it helps reinvigorate the body and keeps blood circulation in good condition; in particular, stimulates vasodilatation which thus facilitates blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis.

American ginseng Unfortunately there are many reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction, such as stress, anxiety, little self esteem, or fear of disappointment, and it is difficult to understand for any individual what it is. Although it is difficult to understand what the real triggering factor is, ginseng is considered an excellent remedy because it is able to improve different aspects of our physical and mental state: relieves stress, increases testosterone and sexual desire and gives a lot of energy.

In the remote forests of the Manchuria and North Korea you can find a small plant with delicate white flowers and small red berries known as Panax ginseng. The Panax ginseng, belonging to the Araliaceae family, is in fact a native plant in East Asia and Russia and subsequently spread throughout Asian territory. Currently, the main crops of Panax ginseng are found in Korea, China and Japan. Basically known to the general public with the simple name of ginseng, this plant is distinguished by active ingredients, pharmacological properties, safety and effectiveness of the so-called Siberian ginseng or Eleutherococcus senticosus, with which it does not even share botanical origin. As the name itself evokes, Panax from the Latin ‘panacea’, remedy against all evils, Panax ginseng has been and is currently employed in traditional Chinese medicine in diverse environments.

One of the most important traditional uses of Panax ginseng is based on its characteristics as a hepatoprotective; tonic; antipyretic; adaptogen; rejuvenating sexual functions. The biological properties and potential clinical applications of P. ginseng are also recognized by official medicine, so as to constitute today one of the most commonly used phytotherapy remedies. Contrary to what you can apparently believe, most of P. ginseng’s active ingredients are not only found in inviting red berries but also in its yellowish-rooted human-shaped roots (Jen Shen or Man-root).

Although the plant is rich in polypeptides, amino acids, phenols, proteins and B group vitamins, much of the biological properties of P. ginseng would be attributable to the present triterpenic glycosides, otherwise called saponins, known as ginsenosides. Two ginsenosides, propanexadol and protopanxatriol are presently recognized and chemically distinguished, present in both red and white ginseng, distinguished by the extraction method. According to recent pharmacokinetic studies, these active substances, once activated by deglicosylation and esterification from intestinal bacterial flora, would be distributed through the blood and lymphatic system to the various organs and tissues. In these offices, P. ginseng’s active ingredients will carry out their proper activities.

P. ginseng is definitely one of the useful phytotherapeutic remedies in erectile dysfunction. A large literature, especially experimental, has allowed to characterize the biological properties of this plant, and in particular its active ingredients, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is known as one of the possible causes of this disabling disorder, there is an altered vascularization of the penis, linked to histological and functional deficiencies of intracavernous blood vessels.

According to recent studies, conducted in vitro and in vivo over 150 rats, the use of ginseng, and more specifically ginsenosides, would determine: a dose-dependent vasodilatatory effect on the vascular structures of the cavernous body; an increase in dose-dependent intracavernosa blood pressure; an increase in the duration of dose-dependent vasodilatation; an increase in intracellular muscle concentrations of nitric oxide, induced by the activation of specific enzymatic pathways.

Complementary results would be the results of other experimental work, according to which the intake of ginsenosides, especially in laboratory models characterized by oxidative stress (diabetes and metabolic syndrome), would determine: a reduction in stress-mediated degeneration of the dorsal nerves involved in the control of erection; greater protection of vascular structures is devoid of the damage caused by oxygen reactive species; an increase in vascular antioxidant enzyme pull. The strong experimental evidence, the reproducibility of the data obviously facilitated the use, even clinical, of P. ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Very encouraging are the data from the various published clinical trials related to P. ginseng’s efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction. Already in the 1990s, ginseng use was effective in 30 erectile dysfunction patients to improve erection, sexual satisfaction and penile rigidity. In 2002, however, a double blind study published by the Department of Urology at the University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea taking 900 mg of P. ginseng per day for 8 weeks in 45 patients with erectile dysfunction diagnosis could: increase penile rigidity; extend the duration of erection.

Similar results obtained in a subsequent study of 2007 conducted on patients with mild or moderate erectile dysfunction, in which the use of P. ginseng red would improve the penile erectile characteristics without affecting the hormone status, thus corroborating the hypothesis of direct action against intracavernous vascularization. Evaluation also confirmed by a recent, multicentre double-blind clinical trial with placeboconducted on 119 patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction treatment with 350 mg of ginseng 4 times a day for 8 weeks. All clinical data would therefore seem to substantiate the experimental hypotheses previously described, including P. ginseng among the useful and safe natural remedies during erectile dysfunction.

This is how to use ginseng as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction

ginseng liquid extractsBased on the assumption that the definition of the optimal dosage of Panax ginsenge depends heavily on the ‘chemical’ size chosen, the published dry clinical trial uses the dry extract of the plant, which is not always titrated in ginsenosides. Considering the percentage of ginsenosides present in the dry extract of the root or berry plant, the dosage used was between 1 and 2.7 grams per day, divided into at least 3 assumptions. These references would eventually change if used, decotted, liquid extracts, infusions or powder titrated in ginsenosides.

The use of Panax ginseng has generally been shown to be safe and well tolerated, especially if taken at the indicated doses. However, inadequate use by quantity or duration may result in such adverse reactions as: hypertension, nausea, diarrhea, migraine, insomnia, Skin rashes and allergic reactions.

The use of Panax ginseng, in agreement with the World Health Organization, is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although only on rat embryonic vitreous models, it has been documented the teratogenicity of P. ginseng and its active ingredients used in high doses.

The particular richness of active ingredients in this plant exposes P. ginseng to the risk of pharmacological interactions worthy of note. For this reason, in order to limit the occurrence of unpleasant side effects, it would be advisable to avoid the simultaneous intake of: coumadin and oral anticoagulants, due to increased risk of bleeding, oral hypoglycemics and insulin, for the possible risk of hypoglycaemia and caffeine, to increase the risk of hypertension. For this reason, the use of P. ginseng in the presence of pathologies or pharmacological therapy should always be supervised by your physician.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra: how to cure Erectile Dysfunction symptoms fast

The various natural remedies in circulation are proposed as natural alternatives to Viagra and other drugs (Cialis and Levitra) for erectile dysfunction. But as independent studies show, and not those made by those who propose these ‘natural’ pills or creams, they do not have any efficacy far comparable to that of drugs.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra how to cure ED symptoms fastIn short, if Viagra has become so famous not without a reason. These natural remedies for erection problems can sometimes seem to ‘work’ on anxious or sexually insecure subjects. But what really works and brings the penis into erection during sexual intercourse is not the natural principle contained within these natural pills (oil or cream being), but the placebo effect. Or, with these pads in hand, some men, especially the younger ones, feel more confident about themselves, project positive mental images and in bed with their beloved they can get excited rather than fall into an anxiety state. The excitement brings the penis into erection. Not the pill!

How to fix erectile dysfunction over time

However, as there are to many men who resort to all these natural remedies (after experiencing pharmacological pills without success), the sexual safety acquired by taking these natural pills is a very labile and transient safety and always dependent on the assumption of a pill before the reports (or every day). In short: sooner or later the underlying insecurity comes back and erection problems reappear again, leaving the man in question in utter discomfort.

Among these various natural remedies for erection problems, we can find:

  • Food supplements in pills or tablets such as zinc, arginine, amino acids, vitamins, nitric oxide, DHEA, Biovis. L-arginine;
  • Extracts of herbs or roots such as Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng (white, red, indian, korean, peruvian, chinese), eleuterococcus, Maca, Catuaba, Suma root, Yohimbina, Tribulus Terrestris, Withamnia Somnifera and so on.
  • Oils, creams or ointments to spread on the penis prior to the relationship (they are declared 100% natural, but the list of ingredients is not always clear and does not make it easy to understand if chemical or pharmacological compounds are included).

The fact that these remedies are of natural origin and not pharmacological can mislead you because you can easily think that ‘if it is natural it cannot harm your health’. The reality is very different. They may harm your health and interact negatively with the intake of other medicines. Specifically, natural supplements such as zinc, nitric oxide and others can be harmful and very dangerous if taken at high doses without the opinion of a physician.

How to fix erectile dysfunction over timeHerbal extracts or roots such as Maca and others may cause side effects such as drowsiness, stomach burns, dizziness, nausea, decreased blood pressure. Oils and creams to spread on the penis can cause vaginal mucosal changes in your partner and inflammation of the penis glands. Even with natural remedies, it is imperative to first hear your doctor’s opinion and avoid the ‘do-it-yourself’ thinking that ‘they do not do anything to me, they are so natural. ’Some natural products for erection problems have been removed from the trade since, as a result of some controls by the NAS, harmful substances have been found to be harmful to health inside it and are not labeled. even if the product was advertised as 100% natural.

None of these natural remedies for erectile dysfunction have really been able to replace drugs in helping ‘fluidify’ to ‘help’ erection. None of these natural remedies for erection problems turned out to be really helpful in overcoming performance anxiety problems, sexual insecurity, mental blockages, or lack of excitability.

These natural remedies are easily purchased at very low prices, the illusion of not being able to harm the health as natural, and the child’s promise ‘sends down a pill and the problem is immediately resolved without fatigue.’ The erection problems are not solved by pressing a button or sending down a natural or pharmacological pill that is.

The most natural remedy that exists for erection problems is not a remedy to look for outside, but it is instead a remedy to look inside, that is, working on your mind and body with the right method. Only in this way can one acquire a true and deep inner security and greater excitement during sexual intercourse. And the mental factor is important not only to gain erection and maintain it, but also to experience serenely and satisfactorily the sexual intercourse itself.

Besides, there are natural exercises that improve the blood flow to the penis better than the medications can do without relying on them. Working on one’s mind and body with the right methodology (better if successful in many men) is the only natural remedy valid for erection problems, or even for those who just want to improve their excitability and the quality of erection.

Erectile dysfunction exercises: pelvic gymnastics for hard erection

Erectile dysfunction is a heavy problem for man, but he can also find a solution.

Erectile dysfunction exercisesIn this part of the article we will talk about erectile dysfunction in general and then we will offer you a great help for this disorder. These are the exercises for the pelvic floor, a gym really useful for this problem. Pelvic gymnastics – or intimate gymnastics – is also known as Kegel exercises, but the techniques we will speak to you are much more complete. Everyone needs to know them if he wants to maintain his sexual performance and the functionality of uro-genital apparatus.

Male erectile dysfunction (sexual impotence, also called erectile dysfunction) is a persistent or occasional incapacity to achieve or maintain erection for a time sufficient for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is widespread and often experienced with a sense of embarrassment: men do not really like talking about it. And often fear and shame take over: in the game there is the loss of one’s virility.

If this disorder occurs occasionally it does not create too much trouble. But if you repeat, there are a number of discomforts: emotional imbalances, self-esteem, sense of insecurity, problems in relationships. Many men avoid talking about it and decide to intervene to solve the problem only when the situation has become worse, or they turn to drugs.

Today, resorting to the magic pill looks like the most obvious, easiest, and most immediate solution. But the reality is that besides success there are also many risks. Among the many miraculous effects the drugs hide various contraindications. Especially for those who suffer from heart problems, hypertension and smokers.

If men experience this disorder, they often miss a very simple intervention: pelvic training. Pelvic toning exercises can help men in different dysfunction because they do not act with a temporary stimulus, as in the case of drugs, but they enhance the entire anatomical structure, making it more functional. In most cases, persistence in the practice of pelvic exercises greatly improves sexual performance.

Pelvic floor training to combat erectile dysfunction

Pelvic floor training to combat erectile dysfunctionGiving and receiving pleasure when you want is a goal possible at all ages. The exercises can be done by men who use pelvic training to strengthen the muscles. Pelvic gymnastic techniques, or intimate gymnastics, improve male sexual performance with regard to erection and ejaculation control. A pelvic anatomy may in fact affect the difficulty of maintaining the erect penis, the duration of performance and the ability to hold ejaculation.

Before explaining to you what is pelvic gymnastics we will give you some information on what is and how erectile dysfunction manifests itself. It is generally believed that the term impotence includes all disorders of the male sexual sphere, that is not only the inability to have an erection, but also premature ejaculation, lack of desire, and casual loss of erection during the relationship.

In fact, one can only speak of impotence or erectile dysfunction when man is systematically unable to start, maintain, and complement a sexual relationship, even if he or she wishes. In other words, it is possible to speak of helplessness only if the desire to make love cannot translate into an erection sufficient to allow penetration.

Impotence is distinguished in primary and secondary. Primary impotence concerns men who have never been able to sustain sexual intercourse; secondary impotence, however, affects men who manifest the problem after a more or less lengthy period of satisfying sexual activity. In addition, impotence is also distinguished in total and partial. Total impotence is characterized by a penis that has no reaction, not even after direct stimulation. Partial impotence, however, has a certain degree of intensification, though insufficient to allow penetration. It can happen to all men to have erectile dysfunction, for example after 50 years

Many men have had erectile dysfunction. When age increases, for example with andropause, it becomes more common to be unable to get an erection from time to time, as well as sometimes lose excitement during sexual intercourse. These events are not dramatic. This is often the case for passports. When a man reacts badly after such a thing and begins to think worse, he is likely to turn a trivial disadvantage into a serious psychological problem that can really come into being as the anticamera of impotence.

The cause of impotence can be psychological or organic, but the distinction between the two causes can never be absolutely clear. In fact, even when the disorder occurs exclusively for organic reasons (illness or drug intake), man becomes insecure and begins to live his sexuality in the fear of bankruptcy, and thus complicates the problem with psychological reasons.

A sign that confirms the psychological nature of the disorder is the presence of erection on awakening. This is the so-called ‘morning erection’: it affects all men who have a good function and is mainly dependent on the fact that in the early hours of the day testosterone, the male hormone hormone, is found in blood in higher amounts than the other moments of the day. In principle, to ascertain that the cause is psychic, nighttime and morning time erections are therefore a sure proof that the problem can be solved by psychologically addressing the disorder. If no nighttime erections are detected, it may be necessary to investigate the organic causes.

Organic causes can have four types of origin:

  • vascular, that is, dependent on an artery or vein problem;
  • neurological, that is, in relation to a nervous system disorder connecting the brain with the genitals;
  • endocrinological, that is, due to a lack of testosterone;
  • pharmacological, that is caused by the intake of medications capable of adversely affecting the mechanism of erection.

And now here’s some information on erection mechanism, so that you understand better how pelvic gymnastics can help you with this problem. Mechanical erection is obtained thanks to a massive inflow of blood into the arteries located in the cavernous bodies that swell. The cavernous bodies are the two cylinders inside the penis, in which the blood flows through the penis to intensify. The veins, on the other hand, allow blood to drain from the penis at the end of erection.

The maintenance of erection, on the other hand, depends on a sophisticated device that allows the blood to remain in cavernous bodies for as long as necessary for sexual intercourse. To achieve this reaction by the penis it is imperative that the brain interprets as sensory stimuli certain feelings that reach it through the five senses. If the brain does not perceive how erotic stimulation is, whatever it is, erection does not occur or cannot be maintained.

How does pelvic gymnastics (or intimate gymnastics) work in erectile dysfunction? The contraction of the pelvic floor is the same movement that is unconsciously done in a completely automatic way during erection. Intimate gymnastics are therefore an important stimulator of sexual power.

At the front of the male basin there are plenty of erectile muscles. These are the muscles that are used, for example, when a person is able to consciously move the penis: they are just the muscle bands of the pelvic floor that intervene.

More specifically, the pelvic floor in the man corresponds to the part where the root of the penis is rooted and from which all the sensations in the surrounding area radiate, including the anal area, the inside of the thighs and buttocks. In several cases, when erectile problems arise, there is a noticeable decline in pelvic muscle tone. Increasing the vigor of these muscles helps the erective mechanism. But not only. Better tonic pelvic muscles also increases tissue oxygenation and blood circulation, two of the key elements to improve the quality of erection. Let’s see why.

The blood stream: the rigid penis: Penis is a special organ. It has an anatomical structure formed largely of vascular tissues, ie a network of blood vessels communicating with each other, with large cavities. If during excitement he succeeds in modifying his design so remarkably and his consistency is precisely thanks to this unique feature. The erection capacity also depends – from a physiological point of view – on the effectiveness of blood circulation in this area.

Penis is a special organThe penis shaft is mainly composed of three cylinders: when the penis is in erection you may feel to the touch. Two of them are on the right and left side of the penis: they are cavernous bodies. The other one is at the bottom: it is the spongy body that surrounds the urethra. With erectile penis easily distinguishes itself: it is the relief that, in the middle, travels throughout its length.

The spongy body of the urethra is the terminal part of the penis, the most sensitive: the throat. It is broken by a small opening, the urethral meat, from which the urine is emitted. And from which the seminal fluid emerges, at the time of ejaculation. All three cylinders forming the penis are made of cavernous fabric and kept together by connective fibers. Externally, they are wrapped in the skin, which at rest forms a bend at the top: it is the foreskin covering the throat, the tip of the penis.

If the main fabric from which the penis is made is called ‘cavernous’ there is a reason. Because it is made up of so many ‘caverns’, that is, a considerable amount of venous spaces that in the stages of sexual excitement are filled with blood and lead to seizures. The blood comes in large quantities to the cavernous bodies through the deep penile artery, located in the center, and then through a dense network of smaller branches. In relaxed conditions, the smooth iron muscle blocks the small arterial branches. Instead, when the parasympathetic nervous system enters into action-releasing the erective mechanism-the vascular muscle releases and the blood, at high pressure, pours into the cavernous bodies of the penis causing its rigidity.

The erection is therefore the result of a series of physical and psychological stimuli. Neurotransmitters – substances that act as chemical mediators in the transmission of nerve impulses between one cell and the other – travel along the circuits that trigger the erectile mechanism. They leave the brain and involve the circulatory system. Thus, the arterial inflow is activated in this area. The particular structure of the penis causes the whole process to take place in very short time: erection is a matter of a few seconds.

The real penile erectile elements are therefore cavernous bodies: more blood flows into these channels, plus penis acquires thickness, turgor and stiffness. The stiffening obtained during erection does not depend, however, only on the physiological increase in blood flow, but also by the pressure that is created in the penis between the vascular network and the connective tissue covering it, the albuginea tunic, a kind of fibrous tissue and not elastic. It is this sheath that blocks the venous return and allows the penis to maintain a complete rigidity.

Because the erectile function of the penis can best be accomplished, the integrity and elasticity of the arterial system is very important. But the action taken by the lining fabric is also important. An optimal erection is therefore the result of a delicate balance: the increase in internal circulation on the one hand, and the resistance offered by the outer sheath on the other.

A weak erection is often caused by a low blood flow to the cavernous bodies. Increasing the circulatory flow, erection increases accordingly. Much depends on the capacity of filling the penis tissues. With its pelvic toning exercises it works by strengthening the spongy tissue of the penis. That, just like a sponge, is able to inhale the incoming blood. The more the structures are strong and elastic, the more the ability to relax and absorb blood. And, therefore, erection is more easily done.

Pelvic floor muscles therefore play a very important role in sexual activity: when they are strong and well-trained, they help the penis maintain the healing layer longer.

Although the penis is not a muscle in the strict sense, it is favorably beneficial for the strengthening of the muscular structures surrounding it. Specifically, when the pelvic musculoskeletal and pelvic muscle contractile is contracted, an increase in internal pressure is produced, which acts on erection. Pelvic muscle contraction forces the flow of blood inside the penis and increases intracavernous pressure.

Pelvic enhancement exercises act both on the level of stiffness achieved and on the duration of erection. Immediate and lasting erections – it is obvious – do not depend only on muscle tone. Male sexuality, such as feminine, is a sophisticated blend of nerve impulses, sensory perceptions, images, memories, and psychic stimuli. But in many cases the pelvic muscle tone offers considerable help. It is an effect that can be found at all ages. When the body is strengthened by training, after a certain period the muscle becomes more toned and strong. Like all workouts on various muscle strains, even the one performed on the pelvic floor – as well as reinforcing – results in increased volume: cells are renewed faster and appear larger and more trophic. The same happens with the penis.

A targeted training program on the pelvic muscle therefore causes a tone increase. Intimate gymnastic techniques, also, alternating rhythmically with contraction to relaxation, reactivated the circulation of the whole area of ​​the pelvis. All organs benefit from this spraying that liberates tissues from stagnant toxins and revitalizes them, pumping into oxygen-rich blood vessels.

And now an important specification. Many texts that describe pelvic exercises list among the results the increase in penile size. In fact the penis is not really a muscle, so you cannot talk about enlargement and volume increase. This organ is largely formed of spongy and rich cavities, able to fill up with blood during excitation, thus modifying its measurements: this is the process that gives the impression of a visibly bigger penis.

The sexual organs, however, are located in the pelvic muscles. These are the anatomical areas that can grow and grow. By working these muscles, the magnifying and toning effect becomes visible even at the penis level, which looks stronger, powerful, and robust.

With intimate gymnastics you become more capable of longer sexual intercourse, longer erections, ejaculation under control, more intense orgasms. When pelvic exercises are performed – even if the purpose is to resolve a disorder or disorder – the effect is greater: the whole area of ​​the pelvis is stimulated well. The internal tissue trophism, increased muscle layer and the best vascularity increase positively any aspect related to sexual function, but also the psychic ones.

When in fact a man experiences a sexual dysfunction, he feels manhood to come to nothing. He feels something escapes his will. Something really important, linked to self-perception as a man. Together, negative thoughts are mixed, involving various aspects of one’s own personality. Sexual dysfunction for the male world is often a reason for losing confidence in their abilities, not to believe in their means. It is self-confidence that is put into play. And many times the idea is that the problem cannot be overcome. Intimate gymnastics are designed to help relaunch the connection with your male energy.

Working on pelvic stimulation is therefore a natural way to increase your own manhood and your own power. It also works on the state of perception and body awareness. The stimulation created on the pelvic muscle favors the recovery of a physical perception that qualitatively improves every sexual experience. By assuming the control of your body, self-esteem also increases.

Pelvic gymnastic is therefore indicated for various sexual ailments. But it is equally well-liked for those who do not suffer. To further enhance your skills. It should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

We will now talk about a real physical activity program, such as what one would want to focus on toning and developing other parts of the body. Abdominal sculptures, developed backbones, biceps and strong triceps are the result of systematic training. The same happens with pelvic muscles. And it does not take too much time: the pelvic floor responds quickly to training.

Intimate gymnastics is a gymnastics that every man should know because it makes no sense to have a trained body and weak pelvic muscles – these are the major muscles associated with masculinity.

How to get rid of psychological erection problems: causes and concrete solutions

Many people often write to me saying they have psychological erection problems. In a previous article on the causes of erection problems, we have seen that erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse may be due to two different causes or all of these two: organic (physical) causes and causes of mental origin (psychological), as specified above.

psychological erection problemsLeaving aside the possible organic causes, in this article we will only analyze the problems of psychological erection in order to better understand what is exactly and how and why they occur. Finally, what you should do.

Problems of psychological erection (psychological-mental causes): the psycho-physiological mechanism for getting erection during sexual intercourse originates in the psyche, in our minds. If the mind is in a state of serene mental excitement, then the latter, which is a purely psychological factor, is then transformed into a set of biochemical and hormonal signals that activate a strong inflow of blood inside the cavernous body of the penis, bloating as if it were a common balloon and bringing it to full erection. In plain words: first, mental excitement and then, at a later time, an inflow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis caused by mental excitement itself.

Absence of mental excitement, or being discontinuous or unimportant at emotional level, inevitably lacks the second factor: blood flow to the penis. The consequence is the lack of erection, or loss of erection, during penetration or sexual intercourse. In this case, however, the seat of erection problems is not to be found in the midst of the legs between the genital organs, but the higher up in the permeability of our minds and the psychological factors. The causes of psychological erection problems are widespread, it is difficult to say exactly whether more or less than the causes of organic origin because the statistics in this regard are very contradictory among them and often commissioned by the same multinational pharmaceuticals that produce the famous drugs for erectile dysfunction, so it is conceivable that they are unbiased.

What seems certain today is the rise of psychological causes compared to the past, this is due to the huge changes in the lifestyle of society and the increase of misleading and misleading information in the field of sexuality.

Let us now look at the possible causes of psychological erection problems:

  • Excessive stress
  • Generic anxiety
  • Anxiety from sexual performance
  • Conflicts within the couple (more or less externally)
  • Incompensation within the couple
  • Low sexual self-esteem
  • Fear of sexually disappointing
  • Fear of social judgment (dependence on the external acquaintance of acquaintances)
  • Totally incorrect concepts on the female sexual sphere
  • Fears related to the size of the penis
  • Religious or moral repressions (sex seen as sin)
  • Depression
  • Conflict of values ​​(e.g. during a betrayal or ‘escapade’)
  • Use or abuse of alcohol or drugs (including cannabinoids)
  • Interaction with certain drugs (e.g. anti-anxiolytics, anti-depressants, psycho-drugs)
  • Limiting Convictions (unknown to most or too often underestimated)
  • Unconscious self-sabotage (unconscious programming for sexual failure)
  • Auto-monitoring of the penis during sexual intercourse

But what exactly are the problems of psychic erection and why are they coming? The term ‘psychological problem’ scares many people and is easily misunderstood and confused with something serious or irreparable.

Very often they write me alarmingly saying, ‘I have erection problems during sex. I did the medical tests but they told me that physically it’s all right and that it’s just a psychological problem, but I’m sure we do not have psychological problems, it’s just that when I’m in bed with her I’m afraid to disappoint her because she happened to me in the past with another, we get a lot of anxiety, I’m convinced she does not like it enough and she is not good enough for her, but we have no psychological problems. ‘.

psychological erection problemsThe great confusion and the grave mistake is that most men (and women) think that having a psychological erection problem is synonymous with mental illness, mental perversion or severe and irreparable mental disorders. But this is not so (except for rare cases). You do not have to be fooled by this term!

Having psychological erection problems can also mean simply being under stress for too long, having a lot of daily worries, and when I’m in bed with my partner we cannot relax and detach myself from stressful thoughts or the idea of ​​work. So I cannot let myself go, in order to excite me mentally. As a result, we cannot have a satisfying erection. This is an example among many of what can be a psychological erection problem.

Another example is when you fall in love with a new woman and you have a ‘normal’ fear of sexually disappointing and losing her. This fear of sexually deluding, also called the term sexual anxiety, is more than sufficient to create a mental tension during sexual intercourse that ‘shuts off, or prevents, the rise of mental excitement. Here too the obvious consequence is the lack of erection, or a short-term erection. But this does not mean having serious mental illness or strange psychological deviations!

In short, having psychological erection problems is very common (far more than you can imagine) and all in all, even with the great disinformation on sex education. What to do about psychological erection problems? Various types of mental blocks (see the list above) we can compete individually or in groups to create the psychological erection problem. This problem is primarily accepted as a ‘normal’ psycho-physical mechanism because, as we have seen before, it is not always synonymous with severe mental illness. Indeed, most of the time, they are simple symptoms of small mental tendencies that are not conducive to causing and maintaining erection during sexual intercourse.

In almost all cases psychological erection problems occur only during sexual intercourse with the partner, and not in intimacy during self-eroticism (masturbation). Accepting the problem of mental erection, knowing that it is nothing absolutely serious, but a normal consequence of such mental tendencies which are not conducive to erection is the first important step to be taken. But accepting the problem only without trying to ‘correct it,’ or to undertake a specific methodology to improve the mental factors that cause and maintain penile erection during sex, leads to a worsening mental state and its problems over time related and emotional sentiments.


After accepting the problem, then, seek out the specific method to eliminate the mental causes of psychological erection problems and, at the same time, to improve and enhance the mental causes that cause and maintain penile erection. This is achieved with particular and simple mental exercises and techniques to heighten sexual self-esteem, inner self-confidence and self-confidence, mental serenity during sexual intercourse and mental excitability. In other words, all the psychological and mental factors that cause and promote the quality of erection during sexual intercourse with your partner.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction in diabetes patients

Problems of erection and diabetes are not always a constant. Although many men with diabetes complain of more or less frequent episodes of erectile dysfunction (what was once called sexual impotence), the true causes of erectile problems are not always to be sought in diabetes, assuming it is the only and only cause. Having said this, erection problems in people with diabetes occur in 15% of men between 20 and 40 years, and between 40% and 60% of men between 50 and 70 years. Most common in type 1 diabetic subjects compared to type 2 at the same age.

 erectile dysfunction in diabetesRarely erectile dysfunction occurs if diabetes is closely monitored, following the nutrition and health rules dictated by the treating physician. While the chances of experiencing euphoric deficits are much higher if diabetes and blood sugar levels (hyperglycaemia) are not controlled.

To increase the likelihood of impotence episodes with diabetes may contribute to other organic disorders such as cardio-vascular problems, pulmonary abnormalities, hormonal disorders, pelvic lesions or spine, as well as pharmacological therapies such as:

  • hypertension drugs
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-epileptics
  • antidepressants
  • anxiolytics
  • chemotherapy treatments

To understand why erection problems can occur due to diabetes, you must first understand how penile erection occurs under normal conditions. Erection is born through mental and psychological stimuli (sexual excitement) that the male can only manifest if he is self-confident in the erotic context with the partner and at the same time does not present ‘mental blocks’ such as performance anxiety, fear of disappointment partner, insecurity, shaking, and so on.

Sexual excitement causes the release of specific hormones that, reaching the spine, reach the genital area. Here is the release of nitric oxide (nitric oxide) resulting in the stimulation of the production of cyclic GMP (cGMP), which has vasodilating and fluidifying properties for the blood, which causes the smooth muscle relaxation of the penis.

In this way the blood enters the cavernous bodies, which make up the penis shaft, which hold it, thus increasing the volume and causing the increase in the size and stiffness of the rod (this is the phenomenon referred to as erection). This is what happens under normal conditions, but what can happen due to diabetes?

Diabetic people have excess glucose in the blood, which causes two organic gaps in the penile mechanism of action: The stimulation of nitric oxide is limited, resulting in less vasodilation and lower blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. The excess of glucose binds to the walls of the blood vessels in the penis, damaging them, making them less elastic, stiffer, and preventing its denseness and flow of blood. The consequence of these two added gaps is that there will be an impediment to regular release of smooth muscle and blood flow into the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction.

It remains to be remembered that Viagra does not cause erection of the penis as many believe, but is only a temporary limited-time and localized adjuvant. Therefore, even with this medication, you do not get erection unless you are in the right state of mind during sexual intercourse, or if you have anxiety or worry about your erectile ability. Pharmacology and proper health and nutrition can help the diabetic maintain control of blood sugar, eliminating or limiting the onset of erectile dysfunction. But it remains to be remembered that the psychological, mental, and emotional component is upstream of the allergy mechanism and hardly feels serene and self-confident after experiencing some episodes of erectile dysfunction. And this, as well as a problem with the self-esteem of the male, often becomes a couple and relational problem.

Self-confidence in bed and strong excitability are, however, an easily reachable goal, working on themselves autonomously through specific mental techniques. And the blood supply to the genital area can be improved through appropriate physical techniques that do not require the use of drugs. So we can conclude by saying that erection problems and diabetes are potentially problematic solvable problems, through a proper lifestyle and with a suitable method.

The actual truth about erectile dysfunction and alcohol

Many men wonder, rightly, if there is really a negative influence on alcohol on erection. One of the possible causes of erection problems is the consumption of alcohol before sexual intercourse. For some, alcohol consumption is a constant daily that even leads to alcoholism, which is a strong addiction to alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism involves far more serious health problems than just erection problems (statistically an alcoholic on two suffers from erectile dysfunction). However, even those who take alcohol occasionally may have episodes of impotence during sexual intercourse. Now we will try to understand why, apart from analyzing what solution can be taken and what remedies are to be avoided altogether in order not to worsen the situation.

Alcohol consumption has been increasing steadily for several years. Above all, among young people, it has become a method of dysinhibition in the social sphere. But a widespread problem is the use of alcohol to deal with a sexual appointment and feel uninhibited, rather insecure and full of inhibitions in front of the partner. In practice, alcohol is used as a remedy to overcome the insecurity. A classic example is to go to a local with the new newly-acquired girl, drink alcohol to beat your odds with the shyness, the inhibitions and let go and then go to bed together. But it is here that very often the male presented unexpected erection problems, such as lack of erections or difficulties in maintaining it throughout the relationship.

Many people mistakenly believe that erection and alcohol agree, and they are astonished that erection problems may be due to alcohol alone. In fact being a vasodilator then it should, according to their theory, help penile erection. But that’s not exactly how things work! In fact, the penile erection mechanism has nothing to do with the inflow of blood to the penis. This is not so simple because it involves a whole set of psychological factors first and foremost, but physically, but not just about vasodilatation. Having said that, let’s first understand how the penile erection mechanism works.

The actual truth about erectile dysfunction and alcoholPenile erection is born in the meanders of our brain when it is in a state of pure mental excitement, or uncontaminated by other factors or negative mental states that we will see later. Mental excitation, in turn, causes the release of certain chemical substances, hormones and neural signals directed to the genital area. Here (in the genital area), following a complex chemical mechanism, relaxation of the smooth muscle of the penis, an increase in nitric oxide, an increase in blood flow within the cavernous bodies of the penis (similar to sponges) and its retention that involves the increase in size and stiffness of the penis rod, called erection. Basically the penis swells like a balloon.

One of the reasons why you use alcohol is to feel careless and have fun with your friends. So far, nothing bad, as long as it is not abused as a quantity and above all as a frequency. But so many times it is used to consume alcohol to overcome shyness or sexual insecurity (spess women also do it), and this is where erection problems occur during sexual intercourse. Alcohol does not really help to overcome shyness or to feel disinhibited. That is just a temporary effect due, more to the sensation of understanding and mental stunning. Substantially with alcohol you get the illusion of feeling more disinhibited, but it’s just an illusion and a deception to yourself, because in the deep-rooted reality sexual shyness and insecurity (as well as any paranoia or other mental blocks) remain and are emphasized by alcohol consumption.

The problem of mental states such as insecurity during sexual intercourse, shyness, anxiety or performance anxiety is that they ‘turn off’ somehow mental excitement. And the lack of a true and pure mental excitement does not allow the mechanism of blood flow to the penis seen earlier.

The consequence is the lack of erection, or the loss of erection during the relationship. With alcohol it creates the illusion of having no inhibitions and feeling more confident and more carefree, but as we have seen before it is only an illusion, because in reality these negative mental states for the mechanism of erection remain and are also emphasized by the consumption of alcohol.

Here are four other reasons why erection and alcohol do not agree:

  1. Alcohol can lead to mental drowsiness. When consuming alcoholic beverages, it draws much blood into the stomach due to the digestive process. In addition, the liver is overworked and the brain is sedated, and this is one of the reasons why, when consuming alcohol, less physical pain is felt. All this leads to a pleasant mental torpor, which is positive on the one hand, but it turns out to be damaging and strongly limiting to erection.
  2. When alcohol is consumed, the brain responds late and confused to nerve stimulation. This means that the brain and the body, including the mechanism of erection, will respond late and confusingly to the various stimuli during sexual intercourse. Long-term consumption of alcohol may also result in irreversible damage to the response to nerve stimulation.
  3. Alcohol reduces motor capacity and concentration. When you are under the effect of alcohol you have a distorted perception of time (it seems to scroll very fast) and your motor skills. In essence, it becomes slim, uncoordinated and less sensitive to feel but it is not aware of it. It also greatly diminishes concentration by encouraging deep fears, paranoia, and anxiety. These factors, of course, also contribute to erection problems.
  4. Alcohol damages the hypothalamus in the brain and this creates severe imbalances in the hormone levels. The consequence is that the levels of testosterone (male sex hormone essential for the development and maintenance of body health, sexual desire and penile erection) diminish and increase the levels of estrogen (female hormones). This hormonal imbalance creates psychological shortcomings in the male as low self-esteem, depression, insecurity, and creates big organic obstacles in the mechanism of erection. In the most serious cases of alcohol abuse, it is possible to get testicular feminization and gynecomastia (the growth of a small female breast around the nipples of the man).

Alcohol consumption is often accompanied by cigarette consumption and this creates an additional barrier to the mechanism of erection because, in addition to the negative effects of alcohol, smoking narrows veins and capillary, creating blood circulation problems in the genital area as well heart failure that helps to make penile erection even more difficult.

Drug use and narcotic substances combined with alcohol, very common in discos and younger ones, create more hormonal disorders and even the level of neurotransmitters. Deep fears and anxiety or paranoid states are emphasized in this way, even though the consumer has the deceptive feeling of being euphoric and excited.

regarding drugs such as ViagraViagra, as well as many other pharmacological pills for erectile dysfunction, is often taken by the most insecure men who fear having erection problems, perhaps already in the past, or to feel more confident about the ability to get erection of the penis during the relationship. But here is a myth to be discarded regarding drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis: these drugs are NOT necessary to cause erection of the penis and in fact the intake of these pills does not bring the penis to an automatic erection and safe.

They only work on subjects with erectile dysfunction due to type 5 phosphodiesterase enzyme (more than older subjects) and only visit the Urologist can verify. But to get a good erection of the penis, in any case, the subject is healthy and does not have mental blocks such as insecurity, paranoia or mental excitement.

Alcohol also prevents regular absorption of the active ingredients of the drug and may create negative interactions with the drug itself, which can be very harmful to health. Moreover, it is to be remembered that those who place their hopes and inner confidence in a pill (whatever it is!) In order to obtain a valid erection, does nothing but diminish with time their inner confidence, self-esteem, and self-confidence same. In a short time there is a kind of psychological dependence on erectile pills, which in a vicious cycle is fueling the insecurity and erection problems associated with it.

Being sexually insecure or having many bed bugs with your partner, or having sexual intercourse in a state of anxiety or competition that ruins them because of erection problems, is very common nowadays due to numerous reasons. It is nothing abnormal or to be ashamed of. However, alcohol, impotence pills, or drugs are never a safe or working solution because, as we have seen before, can lead to serious and difficult solutions (especially if you are abusing these long-term reliefs of time).

Penile erection requires first of all good health condition, which certainly does not come with alcohol! Also, and this is perhaps even more important, good emotional and psychological conditions throughout your relationship with your partner. In the most serious cases of sexual insecurity one can use the help of a psychologist or psycho-sexologist, but in the majority of cases you can help yourself through specific mental techniques to gain sexual security and a strong excitability during sexual intercourse.

In this way the inner security that is obtained is permanent and does not depend on external sources such as alcohol, drugs or erectile pills such as Viagra. Training with both mental and physical techniques to improve blood flow to the penis appears to be the definitive and safest remedy to avoid erection problems due to alcohol.
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