Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction Of Viagra Power

Erectile dysfunction, known as impotence, is a malfunction of the male sexual sphere characterized by the inability to reach and maintain such an erection to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse. Among the various causes that can cause impotence in humans are: obesity, smoking, alcohol, behavioral factors and sedentarity. In phytotherapy, erectile dysfunction is treated with plants that have a stimulating and aphrodisiac effect, useful for ‘awakening sexual desire’.


Does natural Viagra exist? Truth about natural pills for erectile dysfunction

Over the last few years, there has been a huge surge in online research by millions of people around the world, of alleged natural Viagra. This phenomenon is due to the fact that erection problems during sexual intercourse are tremendously widespread and constantly increasing, due to multiple and complex factors, and can be at all ages for different causes and causes.

The search for natural Viagra or other natural pills to solve erectile problems in the hope of having better sexual performance is more than motivated by the fact that Viagra and its similar drugs (Cialis, Levitra and Spedra) are precisely drugs and therefore: they require medical prescription to be purchased at the pharmacy, they can have serious side effects and they have a high cost.

So many people prefer to look for something that is natural in order to avoid pharmacological side effects, which is affordable and does not require medical prescription. Natural Viagra may seem the most logical remedy at this point.

But there are two questions you should ask before you venture blindly with these supposed remedies to improve erection:

Before Pfizer’s commercialization in 1998, the pharmaceutical multinational who invented and patented its active ingredient, the citrate of Sildenafil, there already existed a multitude of pills and other products that promised to improve performance in the world male sexual, solving any problematic and improving erectile capacity. All these solutions existed for centuries in the various cultures of the world. In fact, in recent years, several other natural remedies have been added to the long list of remedies for impotence and to strengthen erection, which already existed in the past.

Foods and Supplements vs. Erectile Dysfnction drugs

All of these types of natural Viagra promised aphrodisiac properties, increased desire and libido, vasodilatatory capacity, increased testosterone and, of course, long and endless erections to satisfy the partner and make beautiful figure in bed overcoming any problems of sexual insecurity or anxiety from performance.

The list of these natural remedies for erection includes:

  • oysters
  • seafood
  • coffee and chocolate
  • ginger and ginseng (white, red, korean, peruvian, etc.)
  • saffron, garlic, cloves
  • Muira Puama (also called Marapuama)
  • Damiana,
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Maca
  • Yohimbine
  • l-citrulline
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Taurine,
  • butea superba
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Serene Repens (red palmetto)
  • Griffonia
  • Zinc supplements
  • nitric oxide supplements (or precursors of nitric oxide)

Numerous popular remedies are also added to this list, which in some cultures, such as Chinese, are still widely used and include the use of parts of animals also extinct (one of the most common is preparations made by baking testicles of some animals). Obviously, companies selling or suggesting these natural solutions, decanting them with compelling words and unlikely scientific studies (never really done), declares that this is an effective alternative to the pharmacy Viagra. Basically a kind of natural Viagra effective and without side effects or damaging, just because it is natural.

For all these natural remedies, vasodilatory properties are reported that should provide lasting erections as well as aphrodisiac skills that would stimulate sexual desire and libido in any man.

Products are often accompanied by scientific studies that should enhance their effectiveness, but the truth about all these natural Viagra is that:

  • There are no real scientific studies that demonstrate the effective efficacy of improving penile erection (they are practically invented by healthy marketers by marketing them).
  • Sometimes the tests are done for real, but are performed by the same company that markets the product rather than independently and with medical-scientific evaluation criteria. Therefore, in fact, this is not a reliable study.
  • Numerous independent scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated the total ineffectiveness of these solutions, which are proclaimed as natural or alternative Viagra. In practice, they have shown scientifically that they do not in any way aid the psycho-physical healing mechanism of man.

Are you surprised at all this? Well you should not be more than that, because at the bottom you might also wonder why only Viagra has become so famous for erection problems, while all the other products have never become famous and widely used in the world as well it is Viagra. The reason is that when the citrate of Sildenafil contained in Viagra, in 1998, by Pfizer, for the first time in history, there were real improvements in male erectile capacity on certain cases of erectile dysfunction.

The success of sildenafil was such and immediately that over 1 billion and 800 million Viagra pills used by some 35 million men have been sold worldwide since 1998. Instead, all other solutions including various supplements, herbal products, natural Viagra and more, do not even reach a hundredth of Viagra’s sales volumes simply because they do not help the erection in any way.

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Obviously this does not mean that true Viagra, the drug based on type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors, makes miracles and resolves any kind of erectile dysfunction, indeed, it is the reverse and in fact:

  • It proves effective only in some specific cases and not in all cases.
  • It does not cause an automatic and safe erection (this is just a myth).
  • It cannot work in any way if the male is in a state of insecurity or anxiety during sexual intercourse.
  • It may also have serious side effects.
  • Prolonged use over time leads to a sort of psychological dependence on the drug, creating problems of sexual insecurity, low self-esteem, anxiety, and further erection problems.

Side effects of natural remedies against Erectile Dysfunction

The word ‘natural’ easily leads to deceit and may lead to the thought that natural Viagra, being naturally natural and of plant or mineral origin, cannot harm health. But is it really so? The nutshell answer is no, because even natural Viagra can cause undesirable side effects and in some cases even more severe than those of pharmacological Viagra. In addition to being ineffective in improving the erectile capacity of humans, the substances contained in these natural remedies can often cause health problems such as: heartburn, headache, dizziness, anxiety and palpitations, intestinal pain, hot flashes, excessive sweating, dry mouth.

To this must be added that some mineral supplements such as Zinc and others, if taken in excessive doses, can have disastrous effects on the organism that require hospital intervention. Moreover, it has to be recalled that more than once NASs have been forced to withdraw some of these natural alternatives to Viagra since they discovered that they also contained harmful and unpublished pharmaceuticals on the label.

Some erectile problems can be caused by organic issues that only the physician, the andrologist or urologist can diagnose. They often have to do with health problems that negatively affect the erectile capacity (such as heart and respiratory failure), so only the physician can assess whether or not to administer the patient one of the erectile dysfunction drugs as an adjuvant for erection .

However, it is to be said that, in most cases, erection problems arise due to insecurities and anxiety states at the time of sexual intercourse. An unsuitable mental block or mental attitude during partner sex can prevent or limit erectile capacity in the male for the simple reason that erection of the penis is born as a psychological phenomenon before (mental excitation) and only as a result organic phenomenon (inflammation of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis).

Therefore Viagra, Sildenafil, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra and all kinds of natural Viagra can do nothing in this case, unless they help increase sexual insecurity in the male and thus create further erectile problems. Self-confidence in partner relationships, and more sexual excitability, can be improved through mental-specific techniques that allow the male to live all sexual intercourse with serenity and strong inner security rather than anxiety and insecurity.

If these mental techniques are combined in a method together with physical techniques to improve blood flow to the penis without the use of drugs, pills, or the like, then the perfect method to always have a safe erection during couple relationships, avoiding dangers and disappointments of unlikely remedies like the alleged natural Viagra.

Is citrulline really as effective as Viagra to improve erections?

Many people ask more and more frequently to ask me if there is a link between citruline and erection. In recent years there has been an increasing interest in citrulline both in sports and as a treatment for erectile dysfunction alternatives to Viagra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Let’s look at this article to make some clarity about citrulline and its real effectiveness in solving the problems of male sexual impotence. Let’s find out the answers to the following questions: what is citrulline? How does citrulline work in the body? What is the difference between citrulline and Viagra? What are the results of the citrulline test as a cure for erectile dysfunction?

Citrulline is an alpha-non-essential amino acid naturally present in the human body, in fact the body is a synthesis of it. Its name derives from the Latin ‘citrullus’ and means ‘watermelon’, because this amino acid was isolated for the first time in watermelon and hence the many popular myths about the alleged aphrodisiac properties of watermelon. Citrulline is present in the liver and kidneys, and contributes to the elimination of ammonia through the urine. Thanks to a complex mechanism of chemical transformation, citrulline may contribute to vasodilatation so important to the mechanism of penile erection.

Ornithine (another amino acid) together with carbon monoxide and ammonium is synthesized by the organism in citrulline through the ornithine-transcarbamylase enzyme. Citrulline then is combined with aspartic acid is transformed into arginosuginic acid, which in turn is synthesized in arginine.Arginine promotes the production of nitric oxide, which in turn contributes to vasodilation and the normal functioning of the erectile mechanism in humans.

Summarizing schematically:

  1. Ornithine more ammonium carbon oxide becomes citrulline.
  2. Aspartic acid more citrulline becomes arginosuginic acid.
  3. Arginosaccharic acid becomes arginine.
  4. Arginine promotes nitric oxide.
  5. Nitric oxide promotes vasodilation and blood flow.

In the past, it was thought of arginine as a supplement to improve vasodilatation in athletes (especially among bodybuilders), and the pharmaceutical industry promoted arginine supplements as a remedy to improve erection because, in theory, it should increase the production of nitric oxide and therefore vasodilatation in the genital area. But this myth was blown out of proportion by the same producers and sellers of arginine supplements instead of real medical-scientific tests. In fact, the only integration of arginine is unnecessary in promoting nitric oxide or in improving vasodilation and erection because it is not assimilated by the body.

Citrulline intake seems to be much more effective than just arginine intake as a dietary supplement because through the chemical processes seen just recently it is transformed into arginine within the body and an increase in nitric oxide production is obtained. Interest in citrulline and erection has only recently emerged. In fact, initially her interest in her was mainly in the sports field as a supplement to athletic performance and only later as a remedy for erectile dysfunction of organic origin that characterizes many men with the approach of the third age (and in place of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra).

Citrulline and Erectile Dysfunction pills compared

Let‘s better understand the difference between citrulline and drugs for erection problems: Viagra is a drug, while citrulline is a non-essential amino acid synthesized by the body. It can also be taken as a pills or powder food supplement and is not a drug. Viagra is based on sildenafil citrate and is part of the category 5 type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Type 5 phosphodiesterase is an enzyme that can limit the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide and various vasodilators involved in the healing mechanism. This problem occurs especially in the elderly, or in very sedentary or organic disorders. Sildenafil inhibits the production of this enzyme by producing the production of nitric oxide in the standard. This way erection can take place normally (except for other health problems or mental blocks that would prevent erection of the penis even by taking Viagra or other drugs for erectile dysfunction).

According to some clinical tests performed on laboratory guinea pigs, some types of erectile dysfunction appear to be related to a gradual reduction in smooth muscle of cervical cavity bodies and its replacement with inactive collagen with age progression. Based on these studies, it seems that citrulline-based integration can reduce the onset of these collagen-induced erection problems, while maintaining normal erectile function and delaying the onset of episodes of impotence associated with age or sedentary.

Viagra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction may have side effects and side effects. Their use should ideally be taken into consideration only after careful clinical investigations by the neurologist and scrupulously following its indications. The interaction between Viagra and other drugs for other health problems, as well as interaction with alcohol or drugs, can have very serious side effects. Erectile dysfunction drugs are unnecessary when the problem has mental, psychological or emotional origin (anxiety, insecurity, stress, etc.). They can briefly lead to some sort of psychological dependence on the drug itself, making the male more insecure during sexual intercourse.


Citrulline has for the time being no significant side effects (except for over doses), nor does it appear to have contraindications or negative interactions with other drugs. In any case, it is advisable to consult your physician before taking citrulline therapy, also because the tests performed are still few.

Both Viagra and citrulline do not result in automatic and penile erection and have no aphrodisiac properties. Neither of them is useful in solving erection problems due to sexual insecurity or performance anxiety. Neither of them may be helpful in improving erection if there is a health problem, which indirectly causes erection difficulties (e.g. heart failure or respiratory failure, blood circulation problems, herniated disk, prostatitis, and the like).

Sildenafil works almost immediately (at max within one to two hours) and its effect on the body persists for a few hours, up to a maximum of two days (depending on dosages and type of medication). It must always be taken before any sexual intercourse, because it is not a definitive cure for impotence but only a temporary adjuvant. Citrulline may be taken as a daily dietary supplement and its effects begin to appear after a month of intake or a little more.

There are still a few scientific tests on the real capacity of citrulline to solve some kinds of erection problems, but the interest of the scientific community and experts in its use in this sense deserves attention. A recent scientific test was performed on 24 men (and this time not on laboratory cavities) with an average age of 56 years (between 45 and 65 years) who had been diagnosed with a mild erectile dysfunction way of organic causes. Each human was given a daily oral dose of 1.5 grams of citrulline for a period of one month. At the end of the test, half of the men reported that they had slightly increased the frequency of sexual intercourse and a slight improvement in the quality of erection.

Obviously, this test should not mislead you, thinking immediately that citrulline has miraculous properties in terms of erection. This is because the number of patients is very low in order to be able to draw definitive conclusions, and improvements are far inferior to those obtained with drugs like Viagra. It should also be recalled that these were men who had been diagnosed with a mild type of erectile dysfunction through appropriate clinical evaluation tools and had no other organic disorders or psychological blocks that could affect the erectile problem.

Citrulline is undoubtedly interesting and deserves to be tested more, especially as a remedy for some kinds of age-related erectile problems. Regarding the erectile disorders due to anxiety, insecurity, psychological blockages or other emotional-psychological causes (mostly among the younger ones), citrulline does not prove to be effective as it has never been effective Viagra in solving the problem. This is for the simple reason that when the erection problem is mental, then the solution must be mental.

All the truth about exercises to improve erection

Are there really some erection exercises that can improve her in a concrete way? Want to improve erection and have you heard about Kegel exercises and pelvic gymnastics, but do not know exactly what these exercises are? Do the erection be safe and lasting? Or is it just a myth? Can they do harm? Take a look at this article to make some clarity and to dispel some myths.

With the constant increase in erection problems among men (so much so that according to the estimates of urologists there are well over 3 million Italian males suffering from erection problems), the search for exercises for erection is growing. Also complicated in this case are many articles that depopulate the web and talk about these exercises as the last panacea for those who suffer from erectile problems. But is it all right? Are these exercises for erection really useful? These exercises have different names: sometimes called Kegel exercises (named after their inventor the US gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel), sometimes they call them pelvic gymnastics (or pelvic floor), and sometimes other exercises for pubococcyx muscle . It changes only the nom, but in both cases it is the same identical exercises.

Basically, they consist of a gymnastics made of contractions and deconstructions of pubococcyx muscle, that is, a set of muscular bundles located within the genital and perineal area, between the scrotum and the anus. Note: You can locate these muscles by imitating the effort you make when you want to block urine flow, or when you want to move the penis voluntarily.

Why train these muscles? Training the pelvic floor muscles over time leads to an improvement in blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. So these exercises improve erection? Unlike what you read on many websites, where these exercises are proposed as a solution to any kind of problematic (including premature ejaculation problems) and where they write that these exercises alone are sufficient to improve erection, the correct answer is that it actually depends on many factors.

The exercises for erection must first be carried out correctly and with some precautions (never exaggerate with these pricks especially at the beginning!) to avoid inflammation of the prostate and this is not always specified. Performing daily pelvic gymnastics, contracting and deconstructing pelvic muscles for a few seconds, is definitely an excellent exercise to keep the prostate in shape and with time it also leads to a real improvement in the blood flow to the penis. However, this does not mean that this practice automatically enhances the erectile capacity of the male because it depends on many factors and not just from the inflow of blood to the penis.

Before you go head-to-head on Kegel exercises (or exercises for pubococcyx muscle) you need to understand the real causes of the problem, without taking it for granted that this is a problem of blood supply to the penis. Also because, in the vast majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is not due to bloodstream problems in the genital area, but to other causes.

Penis erection does not happen automatically and only because of being in front of the partner in an erotic context. This is just a myth based on the ignorance of how we men function at the sexual level. In fact, in order to obtain a cheerage, the male must be in certain and specific mental conditions during the relationship with the partner. Internal security is the fundamental foundation and is the ideal psychological condition to enter a state of mental excitement, following different stimuli.


Mental excitement causes the release of different substances directed to the genital area, where later various chemical and organic processes such as relaxation of the smooth muscle of the penis, release of nitric oxide, fluidification and inflow of blood into the bodies penis cavernosis, blood retention in cavernous bodies, and finally blood swelling in the penis rod to bring it to rigid and upright position. That said, blood flow to the penis is not the main part of erectile mechanism, but it is just one of the various components.

When Erectile Dysfunction can be remedied at home with exercises

The causes of erectile dysfunction between the sheets can be multiple but can in principle be divided into:

  • causes of physical-organic origin
  • causes of mental-psychological origin

The causes of physical-organic origin are represented by physical disorders that, directly or indirectly, may prevent a regular erection.

Among the most common organic causes there are:

  • difficulty in blood circulation in the genital area
  • generic blood circulation difficulties
  • prostatitis (prostatic hypertrophy and bacterial inflammation)
  • inflammation of the testicles or urethra
  • heart failure or respiratory failure (frequent in smokers)
  • hypertension and hypotension
  • excess fat and cholesterol in the blood
  • unchecked diabetes
  • more or less severe lesions in the pelvic area
  • spine lesions (hernia, scaly, hyperthermia)
  • hormonal imbalances or neurotransmitter levels
  • use and abuse of alcohol or drugs (including so-called light drugs)
  • bases of testosterone levels
  • Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease (excessive penis curvature)
  • Side effects of some drugs and psycho-drugs (antidepressants, anxiolytics, hypertension, antihistamines, etc.)

As you have come to know from this list of causes, a potential organic problem is not always represented by difficulties in circulating blood to the penis, but may be in another area that has nothing to do with the genital apparatus (e.g. cardio-respiratory disturbances or a disc hernia). Usually, one who presents one of these organic problems has difficulty erection in any circumstance and not just in certain circumstances. Only a medical examination at the urologist can check whether or not there are organic causes that cause erectile dysfunction.

Pelvic exercises, in such cases, can do little or nothing. For example, heart capacity can be improved through healthy eating and some regular physical activity, certainly not doing exercises for erection. Widespread episodes of sexual impotence are due to mental and psychological causes. In these cases the male may experience erection difficulties only under certain circumstances, but in other circumstances it has no erection problem. For example, you may have regular erections through sexual fantasies, watching pornographic videos, or during masturbation, but then in bed with your partner may have difficulty erection.

Or, another widespread example, and for which we receive a lot of emails, is that of men who have a regular erection with their partner (girlfriend or wife) but then have some erectile dysfunction when they go to bed with the lover or during paid sex. The causes of psychological-mental origin do not refer to serious psychological disturbances, but to emotional states that are not ideal for obtaining erection and that every man can experience for different reasons.

Some examples of emotional states that hinder the affective mechanism are:

  • prolonged stress situations (often due to work or a conflicting sentimental relationship)
  • generic anxiety
  • anxiety from sexual performance (insecurity and fear of sexually disappointing the partner or being less good at bed than someone else)
  • conflicts or misunderstandings within the couple (lack of sexual intercourse)
  • dependence on social judgment (fear of making a bad figure in talking to friends about sex (very common among young people)
  • pornography and porn-actor performances taken as a model to imitate (very common mistake)
  • ignorance and misconceptions about sexuality or female sexual needs
  • fears related to the size of the penis
  • self-repression of a religious or moral nature (the sex lived as a sin or ‘dirty’ thing)
  • depression
  • low sexual self-esteem
  • conflicts of values
  • self-limiting beliefs and unconscious programming for sexual failure
  • self-monitoring of erectile status during sexual intercourse
  • psychogenic side effects of alcohol or narcotics
  • side effects of some psychoactive drugs that inhibit sexual desire and disturb the erective mechanism (e.g. antidepressants and anxiolytics)

A man who is insecure for any reason at the time of sexual intercourse may experience erection problems as insecurity and performance anxiety prevent strong mental excitement. As a result, the next mechanism is prevented, which should bring the penis into erection. The causes of mental origin are extremely widespread, though unfortunately, little is said about it. It is normal to feel insecure in bed, especially in front of a new sexual partner. But in cases such as doing erection exercises in order to improve the blood flow to the penis, it is completely useless and can only give expectations that at the time of the relationship are disappointed through the yet another episode of dysfunction erectile.

You cannot improve your sexual self-esteem and self-confidence by doing some exercise for erection. What can be done is instead the exact opposite, namely: improving self-confidence automatically also improves penile erection. The reason is very simple: erection of the penis is mostly controlled by mental factors. Particular mental techniques can help the male to find confidence between the sheets, so to deal with the relationship without anxiety from sexual performance and insecurity but contrary to strong mental excitement. In fact, this is the factor that, more than anything else, ‘pushes’ the erection of the penis – much more than the exercises for erection alone can do.

Ways to overcome situational Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs with the occasional inability to achieve penile erection during sexual intercourse, or in other cases with sudden, partial or total loss of erection during coitus. It is a sexual disorder at the expense of erection that only occurs in certain and specific situations but not in others, when instead it is obtained and remains without problems. One of the biggest frustrations for a man with erectile situational dysfunction is to not understand why the problem of being exists only on certain occasions and not on others.

It often happens that men have no erection problem during self-eroticism (masturbation), looking at pornographic material, or just waking up during the morning erection, but having difficulty getting or maintaining erection only during the sexual act with the partner.

In other cases, however, a man may have a regular and satisfactory erection with a particular partner, but present partial or total impotence episodes in situations such as:

  • when cheating on a partner
  • with a new partner with whom no previous relationship has been established
  • with a prostitute / escort
  • in other situations, erectile situational dysfunction occurs only in specific circumstances such as alcohol, narcotic drugs or psycho-physical fatigue / fatigue.

Penile erection is a psycho-physical phenomenon that begins in the mind of the male when it feels mentally excited and is in the right conditions of inner security and tranquility. These mental states of excitement trigger neuronal and chemical reactions which, in turn, cause an increase in blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, which will bloat as a balloon and move from rest position to erect position. In some situations there may be organic factors that can cause occasional erection problems, thus preventing the penis from standing erect or getting full erection.

This happens for example:

  • when using alcohol or illegal drugs
  • when you are taking anxiolytics or antidepressant psychiatrists
  • when you are physically or mentally tired and stressed
  • when there is a temporary state of illness such as a cold or an influenza
  • when the digestive cycle of the last meal was not complete
  • when there are the first symptoms of uncompleted organic decompensation which you are unaware of, such as heart failure, circulatory, respiratory (frequent smoking), hormone, prostate inflammation and others

This is why medical examination is always advisable, even when erectile dysfunction is situational and occasional. But in most cases, erectile dysfunction occurs due to mental conditions experienced by the male during sex with the partner (whether fixed or occasional). In certain situations, emotions and psychological states can come into play that prevent the regular flow of blood from the penis, since the latter is always determined by what happens in the mind of man.

Some of the most common mental causes of erectile situational dysfunction may be:

  • general anxiety, agitation, insecurity
  • performance anxiety
  • low self-esteem
  • depression, sadness
  • guilty feelings (frequent during betrayal)
  • afraid to disappoint or be judged
  • internal conflicts towards the partner or the female gender
  • lack of feeling and understanding in the couple
  • coldness in the relationship (frequent during paid sex)
  • unconscious self-sabotage (extremely common in general)
  • excessive concern over the state of erection
  • lack of mental presence or psychotic states due to the use of alcohol or drugs

This latter case is very common among young people who rely on alcohol and narcotics to feel more confident with their partner, but often obtain the opposite effect and erectile problems. Erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others are not helpful in situational erectile dysfunction as they do not guarantee the automatic generation of erection, as it is advertised on many websites or as it is said on many generic forums.

These drugs, which are part of the 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors category, can increase the effectiveness of nitric oxide and relax the smooth muscle by increasing arterial blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis but not for this reason lead to erect penis.

For the complete erection and its maintenance in the rigid state, the correct psychological conditions have always been considered before, and in the absence of these, the erection does not even take pharmacological pills. Another disadvantage is that by placing in them their hopes of gaining erection, it is over time to further decrease self-esteem and self-confidence, with the consequence of experiencing other erectile problems also in a continuous and not just situational, thus becoming psychologically dependent on erection drugs.


The latter disadvantage is more and more experienced by countless men relying on pills and medications, even when there is no real need established by your doctor or a specialist. This is also due to the ease with which you can retrieve low-cost copies of drugs online without the need for a prescription. All this without forgetting that these are copies and not the original medicines, so the health risk is very high!

When it is time for more than home remedies against Erectle Dysfunction

Getting advice from your own basic practitioner or a specialist as an urologist is always advisable, especially if you are unable to recognize the causes of erectile situational dysfunction or when you are afraid of having other health problems that may affect your erectile capacity (they are frequent for example prostate inflammation). If the cause is due to possible conflicts in the couple, or the lack of sexual intercourse between the partners, it may be useful to couple therapy with the psychologist or a sexologist along with the partner.

In all other cases, when dealing with sexual insecurity, performance anxiety, fear of disappointment and unconscious self-sabotage, you have to work on these dynamics and emotions. This can be done in the following way: stand by telling you about the actual functioning of sexuality, but avoid generic forums and bar discussions with friends who feed the confusion in the matter. Even through simple mental techniques and a method that can be self-esteem in elevating your sexual self-esteem, so you can live with sexual intercourse with serenity and inner security in all possible situations of sex.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are part of palliative remedies for the treatment of organic erection problems. It should be said immediately that, being palliative, they cannot definitively cure the actual cause of the erectile problem, but only in some cases, to suppress the symptoms or temporarily facilitate the mechanism of penile erection.

Unlike what people write on many blogs and forums and unlike the metropolitan legends that circulate about these drugs for erectile dysfunction, there is no miracle pill that alone causes erection of the penis and resolves forever and in a way definitive the problem. In addition, the many potential side effects that may be involved in the administration of these medicines should be considered.

Pharmacological alternatives to natural Erectile Dysfunction remedies

Most of the drugs for erectile dysfunction are part of the 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors category, whose active ingredients inhibit the production of 5-phosphodiesterase enzyme by the body, potentiate the effects and production of nitric oxide and promote the relaxation of the smooth muscle, thus facilitating the inflow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis to facilitate erection.

Of the category of 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors belong these famous drugs for erectile dysfunction:

  • Viagra (Sildenafil, Revatio, Vizarsin)
  • Cialis (Tadalafil)
  • Levitra (Vardenafil)
  • Spedra, Stendra (Avanafil)

They are medications in the form of tablets or tablets, which may vary from 10 mg to 200 mg. They must be assumed before sexual intercourse, which should be timely planned with the partner, as the active ingredients of these drugs do not act immediately after the intake. In fact, any erectile dysfunction medication needs absorption times ranging from one to the other, from 15 minutes to 60 minutes or more, before the active ingredient performs its action on the genital apparatus.

Read also about natural remedies for Erectile  Dysfunction: besthomeremedies.com/natural-remedies-for-erectile-dysfunction.html

In addition to phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, there are other medications for male impotence problems that promote smooth muscle relaxation and act as vasodilators. These may be in pill, or even administered by intramuscular injection.

We are talking about:

  • papaverine
  • phentolamine
  • Yohinbina
  • Prostaglandin PGE1
  • Alprostadil
  • Apomorphine
  • replacement therapies of testosterone

Any medication for erectile dysfunction should be prescribed by a specialist physician (andrologist or urologist) only after medical examination and patient examination. In addition, your intake should follow the physician’s instructions for doses carefully and immediate and immediate side effects should be reported. In the case of a medication prescription you have to buy them at the pharmacy, avoiding the purchase of the many online websites that offer copies of these low priced and prescription medicines, since they are copies of the same look to the original but not the substance of active ingredients.

The same orthodontists and urologists have repeatedly advised the male population to carry out these online purchases (or some friends) of anti-impotence drugs due to the high health risk. NASs have also sequestered these online drugs many times since they contained substances that were harmful to health and not labeled on the label.

The administration of these drugs for erectile dysfunction – we are now talking about those regularly purchased in a pharmacy with a prescription - does not guarantee the ‘automatic’ achievement of erection, since in any case it is indispensable for the male to be subjected to the appropriate mental stimulation of mental excitement. What cannot always be taken for granted and why, on so many men, these erectile dysfunction drugs do not prove effective.

This is particularly the case when you are anxious or insecure during sexual intercourse, or when you are in a state of stress or there are relational conflicts in your couple. To this you can add mental dynamics of unconscious self-sabotage by the male, or excessive self-monitoring and worries about the state of the erection.

In addition, the efficacy of these drugs can be overwhelmed by the presence of other health problems or organic deficiencies, as well as by concomitant intake with medicinal products such as:

  • anticoagulants
  • some medications to treat the prostate
  • antidepressants and psychopharmaceuticals
  • anxiolytics
  • some blood pressure medications

As mentioned above, medications for erection problems have important side effects and should not be taken in the event of heart disease, stroke, hypotension, hypertension, angina, uncontrolled diabetes or under the effect of alcohol or narcotics they can inhibit the effect, or create psychoses that prevent relaxation in humans during relationships, preventing the onset of erection.

Apart from the rare cases where it is necessary to intervene with these medicines, their inappropriate, very fashionable use today among young people who use it even when they do not need it can often lead to a psychological addiction syndrome drug.

Insecurity and metropolitan legends based on sex misinformation often lead to young people wanting to take one of these drugs before sexual intercourse to feel more secure about gaining or maintaining erection. But the effect is more than a placebo because it is not the drug for erectile dysfunction that causes erection. And in fact you do not always get it, or you lose it before you even take some pill.

In fact, by continuously placing their safety on the drug, it soon ends up becoming psychologically dependent, as well as being more insecure in the absence of the drug than, often, even taking it. Insecurity then causes those states of performance anxiety that prevent the regular psycho-physical erective mechanism. Anxiety that, in turn, will cause further episodes of erectile problems and further insecurity, in an endless vicious circle.

When episodes of hemorrhagic disorder occur, especially when frequent, it is always best to go to your own medical practitioner for consultation and clinical investigations such as blood tests and hormone values. However, when it comes to no doubt that it is only a mental and non-physical problem, as in most cases, the use of erectile dysfunction drugs can only be more damaging than decisive.

Self-confidence in sexual intercourse with a partner has nothing to do with pharmacology, but with one’s own mind and the management of one’s own emotions. That being said, you can work on yourself with a method of mental techniques combined with physical techniques that allow man to relate to sex in a serene and satisfying way, without the use of erectile dysfunction pills and medications.

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