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Two days before an important event you find yourself scrutinizing nasty, painful bubbles on your lips that Mother Nature has dealt you? Do not let the virus take over. We know you want to tear it all down, but there is a lot that can be done to cure cold sores at home with the ingredients you are certain to have in your bathroom and cupboard. Remember: this is how to get rid of herpes, in case of genital herpes should always be consulted with your doctor!

The herpes virus attacks most people on the planet. It has been with mankind for thousands of years and has perfectly adapted to feeding on our body. How come we have not be able to overcome the virus so far? It’s a camouflage master. After infecting has happened, it settles in our nerve cells, where it spends the rest of its life dormant. However, from time to time it activates briefly and begins to multiply. It is then that those ugly, painful bubbles filled with liquid form on the skin. This happens most often when we weaken our immunity, eg due to stress or fatigue. But to arouse the virus from its sleep, it can also suffice an exposure to heat or cold. This is why we get sick more often in summer and in a cold winter.

Bubbles caused by the propagation of the virus can be found practically everywhere – in the nose, on the skin, and even around the eyes. This last location is particularly dangerous because it can lead to loss of vision. Herpes blisters on the lips should necessarily be reported to the doctor. Likewise, do not underestimate genital herpes, but this ailment is caused by another variant of the herpes virus the will be covered by a separate article.

Herpes simplex, also known as a cold sores, is an infectious disease caused by a virus that is transmitted by contact with a person who has active herpes, or with an object that has been in contact with the person such as a razor, a lipstick, or a towel.

Herpes is manifested by appearances of cutaneous lesions formed by small clusters of ampoules surrounded by a red circle. Before these lesions appear, the person may also experience warning signs such as tingling, itching, or burning.

quick fact:

According to studies of specialists, almost all adults have one day been confronted with cold sores. The positive side of the situation is that herpes labialis being a common disease, there are many treatments to help you heal it.

The causes of herpes on the mouth

The herpes virus is most often revealed when our body is weakened. The fall in immunity is influenced by factors such as fatigue or long-term stress, cooling or overheating of the body. In women, herpes on the lips can appear before, during or after menstruation. Sometimes, the virus is activated by localized skin injury due to invasive cosmetic or dermatological procedures.

Prevention of herpes

If you know that you are a carrier of herpes and that your baby is at home, be sure to keep the necessary precautions – especially in eating, washing and other hygienic practices. The virus strikes during the periods of weakness, overheating, or cooling of the body, and when the virus is active, all activities that could move it should be avoided.

Cold sore stages

Herpes is commonly called “quills” or “cold.” Unusual skin lesions appear in the face as bubbles around the mouth or under the nose. Untreated herpes can cause infertility and meningitis. HSV2 is far more dangerous than HSV1, and the onset of herpes can be contracted through sexual intercourse. In addition, women during pregnancy are particularly prone to infections. Very uncomfortable are ulcers around the anus, causing itching and burning.

The virus of herpes attacks regardless of age and sex. When it appears once in our body, it stays there forever. An effective method for herpes does not exist because the virus is prone to build up into the nervous system and therefore becomes invisible to the immune system. Herpes simplex is a nuisance to control. The most common form of the disease is herpes on the lips (herpes labialis).

In the course of herpes, there can be distinguished several stages:

  • Phase I: The first symptom is the onset of itching. It occurs most often on the lips or on the skin under the nose, although it may happen that other parts of the face, such as the chin, will be infected. This is a prodromal phase, also referred to as tingling phase. In most cases it takes about 2 days. The treatment taken at this time most often prevents the further development of the anesthetic disease.
  • Phase II: At the next stage, there usually appears redness and slight swelling. The small size of the spot gradually starts to grow, and inside it there forms serum, which is filled with active viruses.
  • Phase III: In this way, the painful boil is formed (and in some cases the follicles that can merge into one large efflorescence), from which the fluid begins to drain, causing the ulcers to become even larger. It is in this phase that it is the easiest to pass on the infection. During this time, it is not a particularly good idea to have close contacts with other people, and also to touch the blisters. This is also the stage at which herpes is the most painful. Cracking of the boils can lead to burning wounds.
  • Phase IV: The last stage involves the gradual curing of the efflorescence, which results in the formation of scabs. Care must be taken – they are quite delicate, and damage to a changed infection site can lead to bleeding accompanied by unpleasant stinging. Scratching scabs makes the healing process much longer.

Herpes is a painful ailment that drastically reduces the comfort of life. It is not only a cosmetic defect, but it can have a significant impact on social contacts and the well-being of the infected. Although no method has been discovered so far to completely remove the virus, there are ways in which the development of ailments can be halted.

But before doing any natural treatment, properly clean the infected area with water and antiseptic soap to prevent the spread of the virus. The herpes virus is very easy to move from one person to another. It is especially dangerous for young children whose immune system is still weak. Therefore, if you have cold sores, you have to be especially careful when dealing with the toddlers. Do do not share the same cutlery, do not drink from the same bottles, and whatever you do, hold off kissing. The latter is strictly forbidden if you already have a cold sore on the lips.


Also try not to transfer herpes within the household. Everyone should use their towel. As already mentioned, you should temporarily avoid kissing - and best of all sex. This minimizes the risk of spreading the disease. And after getting rid of the virus from the mouth, you will have ample chances to can catch up.

Grandma’s recipes for treating cold sores at home

In general, we find that we have a herpes cold sore when the bulb is already emerging. In these cases, there are alternatives that will help you deal with these lesions and the discomfort they may cause.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your lips.
  • Do not pierce your sore, as it may become infected.
  • Do not tear off the crust that forms on it, because it protects the healing process: the tearing delays the healing moment.

First and foremost, you should respond quickly to the first symptoms of herpes – most often it is an itching or burning sensation in the area where the follicle gets. Lubricate them with anti-virus ointment, such as Zovirax. Some special chapsticks also help to dry out the blisters. But what to do when you have hypersensitive to drug ingredients? There are home-made ways that can help. There is no a single slam dunk recipe, so we recommend trying all and staying with the one that works best.

For starters, here are some basic quick fixes that work for most:

  • A bubble that has spread on the mouth or around the mouth can be lubricated with Aspirin.
  • Stonewall and chamomile wraps can also be used – preferably a bag of hot water
  • Some recommend vitamin B2 packs – crushed earlier and mixed with water on a small teaspoon of tea
  • People suffering from cold sores also recommend putting a slice of onion or garlic – because they are good for the treatment of colds.
  • Wrap with spirits or vinegar

Wash your hands thoroughly before applying any creams or the like. Herpes labialis, also known as cold sores, is a lip infection that affects at least eighteen million Americans per year. This painful rash usually occurs when you are tired, stressed or after a prolonged exposure to the sun. Below you will discover these grandmother’s remedies to get rid quickly of a cold sore!

Onion or garlic – both plants are known for their bactericidal properties. It turns out that the herpes simplex virus also is susceptible to them.

Method 1

Place a freshly cut onion slice, or crushed garlic clove, onto the spot with the sore. Try to keep them long enough to have contact with the virus cells for as long as possible. Every two or three hours repeat the procedure. The downside of this method is the unpleasant odor that garlic or onion leave.

Method 2

Cut a piece of garlic into the affected area. For a method to be effective, you have to plaster a slice of garlic overnight. This will make herpes quickly disappear.

Method 3

Apply a slice of onion to the sore spot. The onion wrap should be changed frequently to make a change on the lips always fresh juice of this vegetable. You can also cut the onion with 2 tablespoons of sugar or pour honey and set aside in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning apply to the herpes packs juice. As with garlic, the downside is the unpleasant odor. Alternatively, simply gently rub a clove of garlic or a piece of onion on the wound.


It is a species of cactus, which is known for its medicinal properties. It is very easy to grow at home. Apply a cut piece of the plant after cutting – to get into the juice – to the place of exudation. As with onion and garlic, keep it there for a long while – if you do not plan to go anywhere, you can even plaster the aloe vera with a band aid. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to substances in the juice of aloe, so in case the painful spot instead of disappearing, enlarges, immediately change tactics.

Lemon or vinegar

No microbes like acid, and so lemon and vinegar may be your weapon of choice. They disinfect the wound without allowing the virus to multiply. Thanks to this, the scabs quickly dry out and stop hurting. In addition to organic acids, we recommend citric acid. Spirits or oxidized water are also useful in the fight against the disease. It may be painful, but it is effective. Lubrication with a cotton swab impregnated with any of these fluids disinfects and dries the wound. Lemon is a natural antiseptic perfect to get rid of cold sore! Squeeze the juice out of a lemon, and soak a piece of cotton before pressing it against your cold sore. This remedy of yesteryear is to be realized several times a day. Apply a slice of lemon and we wear it in the sick place as long as possible, often changing to fresh patch. You can also soak the skin with lemon juice.

Cider vinegar

To soothe the itching at the onset of the cold sore, apply a little cider vinegar to the wound using a compress. The sore blister is washed with a vinegar swab. Similarly, oxygenated water and salicylic spirit can be used. However, care should be taken not to over-irritate the skin around herpes. This method can be a bit painful.

Lemon balm

Another natural solution to dry out your cold sore, use lemon balm. Put a few drops of lemon balm on a cotton pad and gently dab onto your sore.


Wraps can also be made from honey, which certainly does not irritate the skin with herpes. In addition, honey has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Recognized since the dawn of time as a natural care for the lips, honey is a gentle and natural remedy. 3 times a day, brush your cold sore with a little honey, and leave to act for about 15 minutes, before rinsing gently. It is also one of the most delicious natural bactericidal and virucidal substances. By the way, a very effective one. In addition to alleviating pain, it nourishes and regenerates the skin irritated by herpes simplex virus. You can actually eat a few teaspoons of honey for a major mood boost. We especially recommend having it with a side of lime.


As soon as you feel the push of a cold sore on your lip, immediately apply an ice pocket – or an ice cube wrapped in a gauze – over the affected area. The cold will reduce the pain and size of the boil. For optimum effectiveness, repeat the procedure several times a day for several minutes.

Melissa water

Brew melissa tea, dab a cotton pad and apply to the boil.

Sweet cream

Smeared in it, herpes, shortens its duration.

Herbal infusions

Chamomile, mint or sage infusion are applied to herpes with a cotton swab.

Exclusive cold sore home remedies from A-listers

Tingling, itching, burning, swelling, are the first signs of the onset of labial herpes. You then discover in front of your mirror a huge cold sore! Painful, little aesthetic… You can not wait for it to disappear. Our grandmothers knew how to stop the onset and treat a cold sore. Discover the tricks and treatments of cold sores passed on from previous generations. To eliminate a cold sore, there are very effective natural remedies.

And this is a special cold sore home remedy recipe many European catwalk models resort to for an emergency fix:

Tea tree essential oil (tea tree)

Ingredients:1 tbs of baking soda

A few drops of water

EquipmentA bowl

A spatula for mixing.

Instructions:Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your lips. Place 1 drop of tea tree essential oil on a cotton swab and dab on cold herpes 2 to 3 times a day, until the sore is a bad memory! Contraindications: tea tree essential oil, also called “tea tree”, is not recommended for pregnant and / or nursing women. Baking soda. A good tip of grandmother is sometimes enough to make disappear the cold sore in a minimum of time, while alleviating the pain. Bicarbonate will dry the sore and stop its growth. In a bowl, mix bicarbonate with water until a pasty substance is obtained. Take a dab of this mixture and apply it directly on the cold sore. Leave on for about 5 minutes, then rinse. Renew the application twice a day if necessary until the sore disappears.

To go along with it, a pharmacist at a drugstore just off Les Champs Elysees dished out these few simple homemade cures for cold sores to our subscriber (our credits go to Sabine_chouchou79):

  • To soothe the cold sore, soak a cotton with cold milk that apply on the blisters. It is important to do so from the first tingling. Above all, stop touching it, and it will disappear faster
  • To cure a cold sore, use the alum stone which prevents the sore from growing. Herpes labialis is dried out and does not evolve anymore.
  • In order not to prolong the presence of the virus, stop consuming foods containing arginine such as chocolate, cola drinks or beer at the first signs.

Keep these 10 real jet-set easy home treatments for cold sores shared by fashion make-up artists as your go-to memo (we’ve prepped a printable version for you to save it for a quick future reference):

Garlic is a natural antiseptic and ideal for treating herpes.All you need to do for this treatment is to cut a garlic clove in half and rub a half on the cold sore for a few seconds.
A milk-based treatment.Milk is very rich in lysine, a component that can inhibit the action of arginine, an amino acid causing cold sores. A milk-based treatment may speed up the recovery process. To do this care, you will need to impregnate a cotton with milk and rub it on the cold sore.
An ice pouch treatmentAs soon as you feel the first tingling around your mouth, apply a bag of ice, or ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth, for a few minutes.
A treatment based on black tea.To relieve the pain and speed up the disappearance of your cold sore, you can also affix a black tea compress to the area affected by herpes.
A treatment based on tomato and aloe vera.Wash the infected area and apply a little tomato pulp, let it act for a minute, then apply a little aloe vera that will help dry the button.
Lemon care.Lemon has disinfectant and antiseptic properties that will help you fight against cold sores. To do this, apply 4 drops of lemon on the button 3 times a day.
A yoghurt treatment.Yoghurt is made from milk, it also contains a high level of lysine which will help you to eliminate your cold sore. For best results, consume yoghurt during the entire infection period, and you can use it locally by applying fresh yoghurt to the affected area.
Treatment with green tomato.Mix the pulp of a green tomato with a spoon of bicarbonate and apply the mixture on the sore using a cotton.
A honey-based treatment.Mix a spoonful of honey with a little vinegar and apply on the area 3 to 4 times a day.
A salt-based treatment.Crush salt with a teaspoon and then, once well ground, apply to the cold sore with a cotton. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day.

Some tips for optimal results of herpes labialis home treatment

In addition to treating your cold sores naturally, you should also follow some hygiene tips that will help you to completely and quickly eliminate the virus.

  • To dry the sore as quickly as possible, it is very important to wash it every day.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun.
  • Do not touch your sore and do not press it! Do not remove dead skin, even if the skin is dry, it will restore itself when the virus disappears.
  • Once your treatment is complete, discard all products and items that have been in contact with the cold sore. As for example, toothbrush, razor or cosmetic products.
  • Temporarily eliminate foods containing arginine from your diet. This amino acid promotes herpes labialis and will only prolong her existence on your mouth. Arginine-containing foods include: chocolate, soda type beverages, peas, peanuts, gelatine, nuts and beer

Home remedies for herpes during pregnancy

Sometimes herpes zoster appears in pregnant women. Is herpes pregnancy a threat to your baby? It depends on the state of health of the future mom. If you one not,so lovely day discover it appearing on your face, you must necessarily consult a doctor. The spread of the virus to the fetus is possible, but instead of worrying about the what has not happened yet and can still be prvented, turn to a specialist. Herpes hernia is not always menacing. However, you still need to know how to prevent it from happening. Preventing the transmission of HSV is very important because one type of virus can spread to different parts of the body. When you touch an infected area, always wash your hands, preferably with special disinfectants.

Here are some other important tips:
  • Always wash your hands before every meal,
  • Dress up warmly and do not let the body cool down,
  • Go easy on your resistance training routine, do not overdo it,
  • Avoid stress,
  • If any of your household members have a cold sores, be careful not to kiss the person in your mouth, make mugs, plates and cutlery he uses in hot water, make sure he uses a separate towel to wipe his face.
  • The doctor determines how to treat herpes hernia. Treatment should not be taken on their own.

How to get rid of herpes for good?

In about one quarter of patients after the onset of herpes, there are recurrences of unpleasant symptoms. It is therefore worth learning how to minimize this risk. Healthy diets and dietary supplements will help prevent the appearance of symptoms if you already have the HSV virus. Improving immunity will reduce the risk of re-waking herpes if it has already been healed.

  • Healthy lifestyle – daily physical activity, sufficient sleep and a small amount of stress – will help you avoid the recurrence of herpes. Avoid drugs such as alcohol or cigarettes.
  • Watch out for the sun! Some studies have shown that UV rays may cause recurrence of herpes symptoms.
  • Lysine and other amino acids will slow down the development of the virus. Equally beneficial is vitamin C.
  • Eat raw garlic. It suffices to have 1-2 cloves per day to reduce the activity of herpes simplex virus in the body.
  • Ice cream wraps method: apply cold ice packs to your skin. It will relieve the symptoms of herpes such as itching and genital herpes.
  • Method of oil and olive wrap: using a cotton swab, place tea tree oil mixed with olive oil in the affected area. This will alleviate the symptoms of herpes and accelerate the healing of rashes or bubbles.

Stay healthy naturally – and share your family’s recipes for herpes home remedies, if any, we are anxious for you to contribute!