Premature Ejaculation: Home Remedies & Supplements Advised By Sexologists

Coming first is sometimes not at all about winning; rather, quite the opposite. Especially in sex, which is love, listening, willingness to hear the other. Premature ejaculation can afflict men of all ages. In many cases it is a passing condition, linked, for example, to factors such as stress, while in others it is closely connected with different problems that will require a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach. Natural remedies can, therefore, be useful in some cases when the disorder is temporary and related to phenomena such as anxiety or stress. Here are the herbal solutions to address a problem listed among the main sexual disorders.Premature ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation?

The natural remedies that can be found in herbal medicine for premature ejaculation, act almost exclusively on the psychic sphere of the person, when they have been excluded organic or physiological causes, as it appears to be a sexual disorder of psychological origin. Premature ejaculation is a much more frequent dysfunction than what is thought and is defined as the absence of a voluntary control of the ejaculatory reflex, with the result of reaching orgasm very quickly, once a certain degree of excitation has been achieved ( even before penetration or a few seconds after it).

The consequence is not being able to fully satisfy the other and cause disappointment and frustration to both. Performance anxiety is accompanied by shame and a sense of fragility towards the partner, from which a value judgment of one’s performance is expected. Thus, the more man tries to control the ejaculatory process, the more weight the mind will attribute to its ‘performance’. What can we find in herbal medicine for premature ejaculation?

Why Premature Ejaculation home remedies and supplements sometimes work better than drugs

Why PE home remedies and supplements sometimes work better than drugs

Serotonin, also called the hormone of happiness, is a substance that our body produces to send signals to the brain and control different important bodily functions:

  • mood control
  • control of appetite and sense of satiety
  • sleep control
  • control of pleasure and pain
  • control of emotions: anxiety, aggression and anger
  • ejaculation control

Serotonin was discovered in 1935, and it was immediately clear that low serotonin levels make ejaculation more difficult to control. In fact, if the concentration of serotonin is low, the brain does not receive the right signals related to the control of excitation and ejaculatory reflex.

Yes, but be careful!

It is not enough to increase the serotonin to solve a problem of premature ejaculation.

Certainly it is an extra help to control, but if you do not eliminate all the causes, the more mental ones such as anxiety and insecurity, the wrong habits on masturbation, the inability to control yourself, etc. even with high serotonin it will be difficult to control yourself. Increasing serotonin is the principle by which the drugs currently prescribed for premature ejaculation based on dapoxetine, such as Priligy, work. Despite the enormous side effects, these drugs do not give such amazing results, in fact the studies have shown that the duration increases on average of a few minutes.

Why is the improvement so small? Because, as said before, serotonin is not everything. Those drugs increase serotonin, but they do not eliminate performance anxiety and insecurity. They do not eliminate inexperience. They do not desensitize you. So the results are minimal.

The drug does not cure the causes of low serotonin. The drug only raises it when you take it, but if the serotonin is low due to incorrect habits and do not eliminate those habits, as soon as you stop taking the drug the serotonin returns to be low as before, so in the end you do not have solved nothing! What produces results is how to remove the wrong habits that lower the serotonin and how to stimulate the natural production of serotonin. In this way you can have high serotonin even without taking any medication.

What are the causes of low serotonin? Basically the lack of serotonin depends on incorrect habits. There are some rare cases in which there is a serious underlying disease, but we are talking about tumors, genetic abnormalities or serious metabolic problems: they are diseases that give serious and obvious symptoms and in those cases, serotonin is the last thought.

In almost all people, a low concentration of serotonin may be caused by: nutritional deficiencies, that is to say, in your diet there are no foods that allow the organism to create the serotonin, or wrong eating habits, that is to eat too much of those foods that reduce the serotonin negative thinking habits, such as constant worry or fixation on recurring thoughts. For example, spending too much time thinking about your problem of premature ejaculation creates a stressful situation that reduces serotonin and aggravates the problem even more. insufficient exposure to sunlight lack of exercise prolonged stress blood sugar imbalances, such as those suffering from diabetes, but also those who take too many sugars smoking, use of alcohol, use of drugs

There is a special blood test to measure the concentration of serotonin: however, the problem is that the normal values ​​of serotonin are extremely variable: in the youngest the serotonin can even reach 400 micrograms / dl, while in an adult it is normal to have 20 micrograms / dl. In such a wide range of normal values ​​it is really difficult to understand if a certain value is adequate to the needs of your body. In fact, the blood test is used only to diagnose severe deficiencies or excesses of serotonin which are signs of serious diseases such as tumors or major metabolic disorders or major psychiatric disorders.

In other situations, such as premature ejaculation, the blood test is generally not performed but the symptoms are preferred. Given that only a serious specialist visit can determine whether or not there is a lack of serotonin, at an indicative level if there are at least half of the symptoms described above, there is the possibility that serotonin is low. Whether the serotonin is deficient, or has a normal value, raising the level is still helpful to reduce the ejaculatory stimulation because there is a direct relationship between the two.

There are several disorders that unite those with low levels of serotonin:

  • feeling of sadness and tendency to negative thoughts
  • pessimism
  • insomnia or difficulty falling asleep
  • easy to get worried
  • appetite disorders and obesity
  • tendency to suffer from migraines

Food remedies for premature ejaculation

Food remedies for premature ejaculationHaving ascertained that the disorder does not derive from precise anatomical causes, thus remaining premature ejaculation is a psychological problem, one can thinks of modifying one’s own diet, so that it may be of help to the therapeutic path that will be undertaken to alleviate anxiety. There are foods that would seem to favor the relaxation of both the muscles and the mind, a help not just for those who show poor performance in situations of high stress.

These include foods with little or no content of saturated fats, such as almond milk, and specific products for concentration such as ginseng. Then there is a swarm of officinal herbs known for their sedative abilities on anxiety – the right passionflower to name one – but the relaxing effect could also result in a greater difficulty in maintaining an erection.

Opposite, but equally legitimate, motivation for foods that promote blood circulation such as hot peppers or garlic: in the long run they are said to lead to better erections, but this does not necessarily correspond to a longer duration of the intercourse.

Premature ejaculation supplements that work

Further along in this article we will talk about ingredients commonly found in natural supplements for premature ejaculation that have limited action on the disorder while having benefits for other sexual problems in the best case scenario. In these paragraphs you will find a short list of herbs and plants with proven effect on PE. As for other common ingredients listed on the majority of PE supplements, their action is not entirely useless, as the problems of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, for instance, are mutually reinforcing and can stem from each other. Thus, it makes sense addressing both issues with one solution, albeit preventively.

Muira PuamaMuira Puama

It is called the ‘wood of power’. The bark of the young plants, as well as the branches and roots, are used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon forest to treat neuromuscular disorders. It is successfully used all over the world to increase sexual desire and potency in men. Today it is widely used in Europe in the treatment of impotence, infertility, neuropathic pain, menstrual disorders, and dysentery. Muira puama is also widely used in the United States for the treatment of premature ejaculation, depression, menstrual cramps and disorders of the central nervous system.

Ginkgo BilobaGinkgo Biloba

Extracted from the leaves of a now legendary tree. Useful in improving and stimulating brain and mnemonic functions, excellent antioxidant and antiaging. It increases the vascularization of the corpora cavernosa, favoring the relaxation of the smooth muscle, and thus better controlled erections.


Indicated in the treatment and treatment of premature ejaculation. Contains tryptophan, essential amino acid (ie not produced by our body), precursor of the hormone serotonin, which we know to be a hormone regulator of mood and ejaculatory reflex. The seeds are used in the therapy of premature ejaculation.

Damiana supplement against premature ejaculation

Damiana supplement A couple’s life is as beautiful as it is complicated. One moment is in seventh heaven, the other barely speaks the word and, often, the balance and harmony between two lovers, can be undermined by problems related to sex. A difficult or unsatisfactory sexual relationship, due to the problem of premature ejaculation described here, or any other problem such as lack of libido, sexual fatigue, psychological reasons, can generate tensions capable of prolonged over time.

In this regard, since ancient times, the human being has resorted to aphrodisiacs, or any substance capable of enhancing sexual pleasure. Already 5000 years ago the ancient Egyptians produced natural aphrodisiacs to stimulate sexual appetite and prolong the performance, sometimes risking to ingest dangerous poisons just to achieve maximum erotic pleasure.

Today, fortunately, numerous studies and research have contributed to spread the knowledge of natural aphrodisiacs and not dangerous for humans. There are many aphrodisiacs that nature offers us and that are able to help a tired sexuality; damiana is one of these long-established herbal preparations.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca, Family Turneracee) is a plant that grows in Central America and particularly in Mexico, its flowers are small and yellow and is also known as the Mexican Tea. It has a very complex phytochemical composition, so much so that not all the components have been identified. Because of its properties, it is also indicated to relieve depression, fertility problems, intestinal problems, irregularity of the menstrual cycle, reduce blood sugar, reduce spasms, calm the nerves, stimulate digestion, increase diuresis, dry the secretions, as a mild laxative

But it is also recommended in cases of diabetes, dyspepsia, convalescence, debilitation, digestive problems, asthenia. But you must know that damiana is defined as an aphrodisiac plant and was traditionally used as an energetic sexual stimulant for both men and women, as it is suitable for effective counteraction:

  1. premature ejaculation
  2. male impotence
  3. female frigidity
  4. the loss of libido (sexual desire), both in the man and in the woman

Aphrodisiac turnera is effective in situations of apparent female frigidity. It increases desire, promotes psychological and physical pleasure. The supplement strengthens sexual excitement by producing sensual, stimulating vitalizing effects, supports the adrenaline cycle.

Damiana is a specific panacea against impotence (masculine) and frigidity (feminine), a species of psychic origin, even psychological traumas. Its action procedure, inhibits the action of the parasympathetic system, develops at the level of the sacral spinal cord and on the parasympathetic center that regulates the male erection. For the active ingredients contained, essential oil, resins and other substances, damiana is recommended as a neurotonic and energizing and invigorating reinvigorating supplement.

Damiana contains many active substances (e.g. flavonoids, cyanoglycosides) and not all of them have yet been identified. It seems to act mainly by influencing the activity of the hormone oxytocin and some substances (‘neurotransmitters’) that exert their activity at the level of the central nervous system.

From studies carried out on the composition of its phytocomplex, it seems that damiana is able to stimulate the localized center at the level of the pelvic-sacral parasympathetic, stimulating erection. The plant extract of the Turnera aphrodisiaca, is a good assistant to improve sexual performance, is supportive of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, and of encouragement to unexpressed desire. It has a tonic, fortifying, energetic function with beneficial effects on the mood. It has a healthy action supporting erection, urination, ejaculation.

Some studies in animals have shown a hypoglycaemic, anxiolytic, mildly sedative and analgesic effect of the extracts. In addition to regulating the volume of ejaculation, sperm motility and sexual pleasure, this hormone in man supports the development of an emotional and relational bond between men and women. This hormone, therefore, would make man more or less resistant to the temptations of the flesh, even if these are represented by a rather attractive female.

Damiana, taken in synergy with other herbs and plants such as Muira Puana and Peruvian maca, can make incisive effects on Desire and on some sexual dysfunctions (such as erectile dysfunction), especially when these are of psychological origin or due to slight organic problems.

Premature ejaculation supplement: maca

Premature ejaculation supplement macaBecause of its excellent nutritional qualities, very similar to those of cereals, the root of Maca is still a fundamental component of the diet of the Andean populations.

Scientific studies confirm that Maca is truly a complete food, and dried is able to maintain unaltered its nutritional characteristics for years. The dehydrated root, in fact, is rich in carbohydrates (59%) and proteins (10.2%), but has a modest content of lipids (2.2%) and a moderate fiber content (8.5%); particularly important is the content of amino acids and essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins (A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E), mineral salts (calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc).

Maca increases energy reserves, resistance and physical strength, promoting a state of general well-being; its intake as a supplement, therefore, is advisable in case of food shortages, within a controlled diet, but especially for athletes and for athletes in general.

Tonic properties. Although free of caffeine, the root of Maca has stimulating properties on the nervous system, increasing the ability to concentrate, mental clarity and memory. Because of its tonic and energetic properties Maca has proved to be an extremely valid aid for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression, for those engaged in a demanding intellectual activity (e.g. students, managers, etc.) and to overcome moments of particular psycho-physical stress.

Tonic propertiesThe alkaloids contained act on the hypothalamus-hypophyseal axis, producing a stimulation of the adrenal glands and an energizing and stimulating effect on the gonads. The property of increasing male and female fertility is due to the synergism of several components of Maca: high content of minerals such as zinc and iodine, presence of amino acids, in particular arginine, and vitamins C and E act in synergy with the substances of nature alkaloid and with phytosterols. In particular, stimulation of spermatogenesis in the male (increased production of spermatogonia and spermatozoa), stimulation of the maturation of the Graaf follicles and of the secretion of estrogen in the female has been demonstrated.

Thanks to the presence of phytosterols it represents a valid natural alternative to synthetic anabolics. The tonic effect is not due to stimulation of S.N.C. (as for coffee), but with an improved energy efficiency: for this reason it was used advantageously by athletes. The hormonal balancing action is also useful in PMS and in menopause. Due to its high iodine content it can be used in thyroid insufficiency, often linked to depression, memory loss, chronic fatigue. Menstrual irregularities and female infertility are also frequently related to thyroid disease.

In an open-label clinical trial, he evaluated the effect of a maca extract on spermatogenesis in healthy male volunteers aged 24 to 44 years. They received 1500 or 3000 mg. of maca extract for 4 months, with evaluation of sperm, LH, FSH, prolactin, testosterone and pre-therapy estradiol and at the end of the same. At the end of the experimentation there was an increase in the volume of the semen, the number of spermatozoa and their motility, without appreciable changes in the levels of the hormones examined. These effects were similar for both doses of maca administered.

maca extract on spermatogenesisA clinical study evaluated the estrogenic and / or androgenic effect of maca and its action on the hormonal profile and on neurovegetative disorders of menopause in 14 menopausal women. They had to ingest 3.5 g / day of maca powder or a placebo for 6 weeks with a crossover type design. The plasma levels of estradiol, FSH, LH and SHBG and the intensity of neurovegetative disorders of the menopause were measured using the Green scale before and after therapy.

At the end of the study, no significant differences were observed between the two groups as regards the estradiol, FSH, LH and SHBG levels, while a significant reduction (p <0.05) of the Green scale score was observed in group verum. This activity was not related to the effects of androgenic or estrogenic type, also because the maca powder did not exhibit any effect of this type on cells in vitro. The study indicates that maca powder can be useful for alleviating neurovegetative disorders of menopause and that this effect is not due to an androgenic or estrogenic action.

In an open-label clinical trial, he evaluated the effect of a maca extract on spermatogenesis in healthy male volunteers aged 24 to 44 years. They received 1500 or 3000 mg. of maca extract for 4 months, with evaluation of sperm, LH, FSH, prolactin, testosterone and pre-therapy estradiol and at the end of the same. At the end of the experimentation there was an increase in the volume of the semen, the number of spermatozoa and their motility, without appreciable changes in the levels of the hormones examined. These effects were similar for both doses of maca administered.

A clinical study evaluated the estrogenic and / or androgenic effect of maca and its action on the hormonal profile and on neurovegetative disorders of menopause in 14 menopausal women. They had to ingest 3.5 g / day of maca powder or a placebo for 6 weeks with a crossover type design. The plasma levels of estradiol, FSH, LH and SHBG and the intensity of neurovegetative disorders of the menopause were measured using the Green scale before and after therapy.

At the end of the study, no significant differences were observed between the two groups as regards the estradiol, FSH, LH and SHBG levels, while a significant reduction (p <0.05) of the Green scale score was observed in group verum. This activity was not related to the effects of androgenic or estrogenic type, also because the maca powder did not exhibit any effect of this type on cells in vitro. The study indicates that maca powder can be useful for alleviating neurovegetative disorders of menopause and that this effect is not due to an androgenic or estrogenic action.

A controlled clinical study evaluated the effect of a dry maca extract in patients with erectile dysfunction. 50 men were enrolled, who had to take orally for 2400 mg / day of extract or a placebo for 3 months, evaluating the effect of treatment on psycho-physical wellbeing and erectile dysfunction through the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF- 5) and Satisfaction Profile (SAT-P). It was found that at the end of the trial there was a significant increase in the IIEF-5 test score (p <0.05) in both groups, but in patients in the maca group this improvement was significantly higher (p <0.001).

In both groups there was an improvement in the SAT-P test score, but even in this case the patients in the maca group were the ones that achieved superior improvement (p <0.05). Only patients in the maca group had a significant improvement (p <0.05) in the SAT-P test part dedicated to physical and social performance.

The study indicates that a maca extract improves sexual performance and also the psychosocial well-being of patients with erectile dysfunction.

A rat study assessed the effect of micronized maca root dust on the sexual behavior of the rat. 60 rats were treated for 15 days with a dose of powder of 15 or 75 mg / kg / day or with a placebo, evaluating the first mounts, the first intrusion, ejaculation, the postaculatory latencies, the intercopulation interval and the copulatory efficacy.

micronized maca rootIt was also checked whether the improvement in locomotor activity induced by maca could affect the parameters indicated above. At the end of the trial both dosages caused an evident improvement of the first mounts, the first intrusion and the intercopulation interval, while only the 75 mg / kg dosage reduced the postaculatory latencies and ejaculation. Both dosages caused an increase in the motility of the animals.

These data confirm that maca powder promotes sexual activity in the rat. A rat study evaluated the effect of a maca fluid extract on spermatogenesis. Animals received orally 66.7 mg of extract for 14 consecutive days, with evaluation of the weight of the testes, of the epididymis, of the seminal vesicles and of the histology of the seminal pre-therapy epithelium and at the end of the same. At the end of the study there was a significant increase in testis and epididymis weight, but not in seminal vesicles. In the germinal epithelium there was an increase in mitosis, with an increase in cells in the IX-XIV (early) phases of cell maturation and with a decrease of those in the I-VI (late) phases of the cell cycle itself.

A study in the rat investigated the action of an aqueous maca extract on the genital apparatus. The extract was administered orally at doses of 0.01 or 5 g / kg, corresponding to ingestion of 0.022 or 11 g / day of maca dried roots for 7 days. The effect of the extract in question was examined on the weight of the epididymis, on the stages of the seminiferous tubules, on the number and motility of the spermatozoa and on the plasma levels of testosterone and estradiol.

The weight of the seminal vesicles was slightly but significantly reduced, while that of the other organs was unaffected. Maca increased the length of cycles VII and VIII of the seminal vesicles in a dose dependent manner, but did not modify the number and motility of spermatozoa in the spermatic fluid and the plasma levels of estradiol. Instead it reduced slightly those of testosterone. Maca increased the number of spermatozoa in the seminiferous tubules, which would be related to the lengthening of phases VII and VIII in the seminiferous tubules themselves. The study shows that maca extract at doses of 1 g / kg in the rat does not cause toxicity and causes a slight increase in spermatozoa in seminiferous tubules.

A rat study evaluated the effects of different types of Andean maca (red, yellow and white) on spermatogenesis in the short (7 days) and long-term (42 days). After 7 days the yellow and red maca significantly extended (p <0.05) the stage VIII of spermatogenesis, while the white maca significantly lengthened (p <0.05) the states II, VI and VIII. Daily sperm production was only increased by black maca (p <0.05). There were no effects on sperm motility. maca (red, yellow and white

After 42 days only black maca increased daily sperm production (p <0.05) and increased sperm motility (p <0.05). Red maca reduced the weight of the prostate, while the other two types of maca had no effect on this parameter. The study indicates that black maca appears to be the most effective in stimulating spermatogenesis, especially in the long run.

An in vitro study examined the effect of different types of maca extract (methanol, ethanol, hexane and chloroform) on the human androgenic receptor and on the consequent transcription of the metabolic pathways regulated by androgenic steroids. It has been shown that none of the tested extracts was able to bind to the androgenic receptor, so that the effect of maca on spermatogenesis and on sexual activity is linked to other mechanisms of action.

One group of rats was treated with lead acetate at doses of 8, 16 and 24 mg / kg / day for 35 days with or without the addition of maca extract administered from the eighteenth day. The appearance of the seminiferous tubules before and after treatment was evaluated, the plasma levels of testosterone and the number of spermatozoa, their motility and their appearance and degree of maturation were measured.

Lead was shown to cause dose-dependent reductions in the length of stages VIII, IX and XI of spermatogenesis and plasma testosterone levels. The rats exposed to lead had a reduction in sperm, a low sperm production and a low epididymal sperm count. The administration of maca extract validly protected against the toxic effects of the lead described above.

One group of rats was treated with lead acetate at doses of 8, 16 and 24 mg / kg / day for 35 days with or without the addition of maca extract administered from the eighteenth day. The appearance of the seminiferous tubules before and after treatment was evaluated, the plasma levels of testosterone and the number of spermatozoa, their motility and their appearance and degree of maturation were measured.

Lead was shown to cause dose-dependent reductions in the length of stages VIII, IX and XI of spermatogenesis and plasma testosterone levels. The rats exposed to lead had a reduction in sperm, a low sperm production and a low epididymal sperm count. The administration of maca extract validly protected against the toxic effects of the lead described above.

A rat study assessed the effect of yellow, black or red maca powder on cognitive functions in ovariectomized animals. They received the aforementioned powders for 21 days, evaluating their effects on cognitive functions through the water finding test and the forced swimming test. At the end of the 21 days the animals were sacrificed and their uterus examined.

It has been seen that black maca was the most effective in the water finding test, but also the others were quite effective. In the forced swimming test all three types of maca were effective and all increased the weight of the uterus. The study indicates that all maca powders tested were effective on cognitive functions in the ovariectomized rat.

A rat study evaluated the effect of chronic maca powder administration on sexual behavior and anxiety. They measured animal sexual behavior, ejaculation and tests to measure anxiety such as elevated plus maze, locomotion and social interaction.

maca extractMaca powder was given orally at doses of 25 or 100 mg / kg / day for 1 month and the aforementioned checks were carried out, halfway through the same and at its end. It was seen that maca at neither dose significantly increased sexual activity but increased ejaculation. It had no effect on animal anxiety. The study indicates that maca powder can stimulate ejaculation but not sexual activity and anxiety in the rat.

A rat study evaluated the effect of an aqueous extract and a maca hydroalcoholic extract on learning and memory in ovariectomized animals using the water finding test. The aqueous extract was administered at a dose of 0.5 or 2.0 g / kg / day and the hydroalcoholic one at a dose of 0.25 or 1.0 g / kg / day orally for 35 days, evaluating its effect on memory deficits induced by scopolamine at the dose of 1 mg / kg / day.

Both extracts were found to attenuate the negative effects of scopolamine on memory and inhibit acetylcholinesterase, but did not affect MAOs. The study indicates that the maca extracts tested can hinder the mnesic deficit induced by scopolamine in the rat.

A study in the rat evaluated the effect of different fractions of black maca obtained from a hydroalcoholic extract of this drug on spermatogenesis. The hydroalcoholic extract was subjected to extraction with the following solvents: petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, n-butanol and water to obtain the respective fractions, which were administered orally to the animals for 7 days. The production of spermatozoa, the number of spermatozoa in the epididymis and in the vas deferens were measured before and after treatment. It has been seen that the fraction obtained with ethyl acetate was the one that most stimulated spermatogenesis, indicating that the substances responsible for the spermatogenic action are mainly found in this fraction.

Composite natural supplements against premature ejaculation

Let’s see now what the best supplements for premature ejaculation available in pharmacies are. The most prescribed drug to treat premature ejaculation is dapoxetine. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor within the cerebral synaptic space, widely used because it is effective in delaying orgasm in subjects with premature ejaculation.

The drug is sold only upon presentation of a prescription, but alone it may not be enough to solve the problem. Indeed, recent studies have shown that a combined approach of psychotherapy and drug therapy is much more effective than drug therapy alone.Composite natural supplements against premature ejaculation


Revit is undoubtedly the most famous and used natural-based retardant and belongs to the category of premature ejaculation drugs without a prescription. Its formula is composed of a mixture of plant extracts and vitamins of group B. The active ingredients contained in the dry extract of Griffonia help to maintain the normal mood. Passiflora promotes mental wellness and, together with Valeriana, relaxation (sleep, in case of stress). With Vitamin B1, B6, and B9, useful for normal psychological function, and Vitamin B2, for the natural functioning of the nervous system.

How to use: the recommended intake is 1-2 tablets a day with a glass of water, preferably in the morning on a stomach fasting (10 minutes before breakfast).

The substances present in nature, such as passionflower, valerian, linden or others play a targeted action against those mood disorders that can promote the onset of premature ejaculation. In particular, they perform anxiolytic and relaxing action, thus reducing performance anxiety and emotional pressure linked to sexual intercourse.


It is a food supplement of vitamin C, B1, B6, PP and tryptophan, with dried extracts titrated from Santoreggia montana, Tribulus terrestris, Phyllanthus emblica and Cardamom. Tribulus terrestris is useful for its tonic action and metabolic support and for the functionality of the urinary tract; Phyllanthus emblica has tonic-adaptogenic activity.

How to use: take one tablet a day with or without food.


Proretard is a food supplement that increases the availability of serotonin and reduces stress and performance anxiety based on Vitamin B6 and folic acid with plant extracts of Passiflora, Rodiola and Griffonia.

How to use: two tablets a day, one before lunch and one before dinner.

Bach flowers for premature ejaculation

In herbal medicine premature ejaculation is treated mainly following the floriterapeutic approach, because it is able to investigate and intervene on the psycho-emotional causes that lie in the system of life and values ​​of the individual: lack of self-esteem, feelings of impotence , anxiety and stress, strong attraction, past events with the opposite sex experienced traumatically, are all emotional factors common to men who suffer from premature ejaculation and who represent the terrain of action of Bach flowers.

1. Impatiens is the remedy for the impatient


As in nature the plant must be in constant movement because of rapid and impetuous growth, ‘lose patience’ by expelling seeds violently to the minimum stimulus, even when they are not mature; so the man who needs this flower cannot wait. He hastens things, wants everything and immediately cannot stand hesitations or delays. These people are afraid of wasting time, in fact they are always on the run, but their excess pace is not compatible with that of others. This acceleration causes frenzy and anxiety from anticipation. Assuming Impatiens will find the calm, the understanding that serve to adapt to the harmonious rhythm of their being and that of the partner.

2. Elm is the remedy for those who feel crushed by excessive responsibility

elmAlthough apparently it gives the impression of being a very strong tree, the elm cannot stand overloads, because it has fragile branches, so much so that it is difficult to find bird nests in its branches. Likewise, the man in need of Elm feels overburdened by excessive responsibilities that seem to him beyond his strength, so much so as to lose confidence in himself.

These people manifest the feeling of inadequacy in taking responsibility, sometimes failing to grow. The first among the benefits that Elm brings is a greater threshold to the endurance of psychophysical stress, a rapid energetic improvement, with greater concentration and work capacity. There is a recovery of self-confidence and one’s own abilities which translates into a kind of self-help or help-support.

3. Vine the remedy of the bully


The tendrils grow fast, stifling everything they encounter on their way, and to root out the roots you have to go down very deep. It does not have a real trunk, but it leans on other supports, expressing a desire for domination linked more to a desire for expansion. Sure of themselves in everything, the people who need this flower do not listen to the needs of others who, on the contrary, want to impose their ideas.

They are proud and aggressive, gifted and ambitious, they are therefore strong and intransigent, they generally tend to exploit these qualities. Vine’s remedy helps to combine willpower with love and power with wisdom, not to act for selfish purposes. The flower transforms aggression and arrogance into wisdom and a sense of freedom, compassion, harmonious service and the ability to drive without dominating to find their way to the next.

4. Larch the remedy for ‘the insecure’

 LarchThe larch is the only conifer that loses its leaves and therefore is not an evergreen. Although it grows with vigor and speed, its foliage, however, seems unable to stand upright, the branches curve downwards and do not seem to have necessary to grow robustly. He who needs Larch is a person with a profound lack of self-confidence, which he never dares, and when he does live he predisposes himself to failure. As a child he was always scolded and now he does not believe in himself, he thinks he does not succeed in life, so he gives up before trying and feels terribly inferior, often afraid of ugly figures.

The flower converts the inferiority complex and sense of failure into audacity, self-esteem and trust, restoring initiative in the individual. Herbal medicine and premature ejaculation: the aromatherapy approach In the herbal field it is also possible to resort to essential oils, for their action on the psyche. Ylang ylang has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, attenuating disorders such as anxiety, depression, irritability, nervousness and insomnia. It creates harmony in case of contrasts, anger, rancor and frustration, because it favors understanding and forgiveness, dissolves disappointments and offenses, restores the desire to love.

5. Sandalus

SandalusSandalus works by balancing sexuality with the spirit, promoting the integration of the sacred with the profane: for this reason it is used in tantra yoga schools to transform sexual energies into spiritual energies. It is therefore not a direct aphrodisiac, as its action is mainly of a meditative type and directed towards the interior: it is indicated to the subjects who live sexuality in a superficial way. Its particular merit consists in the fact that it manages to calm the mental work and facilitating relaxation helps to let go.

Breathing exercises to remedy premature ejaculation at home

Breathing is so powerful that it can control your moods, anxiety, fears and even body reactions, heartbeat, muscles. If you learn to consciously control your breathing, you will have an extra weapon not only to eliminate premature ejaculation, but also many other problems that touches you, sooner or later, face in life.Breathing exercises

The reason why breathing is important to last longer in bed centers with both the brain and the heart rate. There’s a kind of spy in the brain that tells you to ejaculate when your heart rate is too high and you’re too excited. If you breathe deeply, your heart rate will drop and the excitement will also decrease. There are so many reasons why our brains behave this way, many are programmed into our DNA and derive from when we were prehistoric men. The most important thing you can do is take control of your breathing to slow your heart rate and excitement.

Yoga gurus usually use a simple technique that makes breathing a conscious action during your daily actions, and we advise you to start using it. It’s so simple that you can use it even during intercourse to calm yourself and last longer. It can be referred to as breathing 5-1-5. You can apply it anywhere and anytime; try to get used to breathing in this way every so often during the day.

  1. Start by inhaling air from the nose for 5 seconds: breathe in by inflating your stomach, do not inflate your chest as often happens.
  2. Hold your breath for 1 second.
  3. Then exhale the air for 5 seconds relaxing deeply the belly.
  4. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

If you use this technique before every stressful situation, such as sexual intercourse to prevent premature ejaculation, or before a speech or basically whatever, you will be calmer and focused and you will have a better performance, whatever you are doing.

The main purpose of this exercise is to make you aware of the breath. Usually we spend most of the day breathing in an incorrect way, that is using only the upper part of the chest, but this only increases the heart rate and make us more prone to anxiety. The best thing we can do is learn to breathe deeply: deeply it does not mean at all that we have to fill the lungs with as much air as possible – this would create even more anxiety! Deeply means that the breath is relaxed, slow and falls like a wave to the belly. Do it every day, when you wake up or at any time of day, but especially before going to sleep and before sexual intercourse. Try to make breathing a conscious action with breathing 5-1-5.

5 mistakes that cause premature ejaculation

There are several errors that can cause premature ejaculation, and all of them are easy to eliminate. What we are about to tell you is very important because most of the time we experience premature ejaculation as a problem too big and impossible to solve. Worse, if we resort to the internet or in the newspapers we read a lot of obviousness. For example, everyone says that it is a matter of head, just stay calm and relaxed… which in itself is not wrong, but it is not even help because it is not something you can do on command, without knowing appropriate techniques.

Reactions and fears cannot be controlled rationally. If one is afraid of spiders it is not enough to tell them ‘it is enough that you relax and pretend that the spider is not there’! Even worse, there is talk of drugs against premature ejaculation everywhere but, before falling into this trap, one should observe how the sites in which they are talking are made.

These sites are of two types:
Sites of those who sell the drugs, more or less legally without a prescription; Forums in which fake users, created by those who sell the drugs, tell about the great results they have had thanks to that certain drug and immediately after put the address of the online pharmacy where they bought it!

Some people have been used to thinking that every problem can be solved with the appropriate drug; it is comfortable, fast and no commitment is required if you do not remember once a day to swallow a tablet. This is why they buy slimming pills instead of going to the gym or dieting. Do they really work?

If you want to get involved, keep on reading what are the most common errors regarding premature ejaculation.

Mistake No. 1

The truth is that ejaculation control can be exercised just like a muscle can be trained. You can train the penis sensitivity to touch and sensations, limit the urge to ejaculate until you have full control of ejaculation. The mistake is that we usually skip this part because it requires a little effort on our part.

Unfortunately, the results cannot be obtained by standing still and waiting. Not even with the theory: if you read 100 sites on premature ejaculation and you know all about techniques to delay orgasm, but do not put them into practice, it will not change anything. So: act now!

One thing you can do right now during the relationship is to use what is called the technique of 10 lunges. In practice you have to count 10 thrusts, the first 9 are fast and very shallow (you have to penetrate with less than half of your penis). At the tenth thrust instead you go deeper and slower, and so on. This exercise reduces the friction of the tip of the penis, the most sensitive part that causes ejaculation. This technique also increases the pleasure that your partner receives, because the quick sinking teases her, while the deep ones will drive her mad.

Mistake No. 2

Depending on the position we assume during the sexual act, we can change the duration of the relationship. All positions that require greater muscle strain will lead you to ejaculate more quickly. One of the worst positions for premature ejaculation is the position of the missionary, since you have to keep the balance on the arms and sometimes the legs and therefore there is a greater muscular effort. Instead, there are positions that delay premature ejaculation: the best two are the Amazon and the spoon, where you lie on your side and hug your partner from behind. Using these positions together with the ‘10 lunges’ technique will surely help you control ejaculation.

Mistake No. 3

This is something we usually do not think about, but it is vital for daily health. It is something we do unconsciously. And if we did it wrong, it would take years of life. It’s about breathing! The way we breathe before and during sex greatly affects our duration in bed. If we have a short and fast breath, we will not last long. Proper breathing, on the other hand, is the key to curing premature ejaculation.

Have you ever seen a hard actor gasping panting during a sexual relationship? No, his breathing is always calm otherwise it would not last long enough to shoot the whole scene.

You can also learn the correct breathing for ejaculation control over the course of lasting longer. To start immediately you can repeat that breathing 10 times every so often during the day to learn how to do it automatically, without thinking, during the intercourse.

Mistake No. 4

This too is something that is performed unconsciously by our brain. We are not going to do it, but we do it anyway, and it’s an action that really helps us in our bed performance. The fourth mistake is to let ourselves be taken by anxiety. The emotional pressure to which we are subjected during our sexual performance can become extremely intense and create anxiety or agitation, the enemy of the control of ejaculation. When the sexual relationship becomes a stress rather than a pleasure, it must sound an alarm bell.

A simple trick that can help you right away is to repeat a few times before rapping the breathing 5-1-5: it will help you clamor and last longer during intercourse. Of course, this simple trick cannot solve anxiety reactions alone that may last for months or years, but it can certainly give you real help right away. If you want to deal with the problem at the root and in a definitive way, then you will find everything you need in the course last longer.

Mistake No. 5

The fifth mistake is to believe that fake remedies, such as retarding condoms, desensitizing creams or even worse medications, can actually cure a premature ejaculation problem. These remedies act on symptoms but do not solve the problem. Imagine being left on foot with the car: if you find a person who gives you a push, the car goes on, but does not mean that it has adjusted: as soon as you stop pushing, the car stops again. If you want the car to take you where you want, there is only one solution: you have to fix it!

The same applies to premature ejaculation. There are simple, quick and natural methods with which you can learn to control the urge to ejaculate and last as long as you want. The best thing to do with the false care is to get rid of it and start a new approach with your body, which has great value and deserves to spend a few minutes each day to ensure a great future in the bedroom!

Remedy premature ejaculation at home: desensitizing technique

In men who have a serious hypersensitivity problem, the glans is so sensitive that just touching the tip of the penis causes pain. Often these men cannot even dry their private parts with a towel because the rubbing is too bad. We do not talk about sexual relations because the friction of the glans against the intimate parts of the partner is often too painful to continue the relationship.

Remedy premature ejaculation at homeThis is the most severe form of hypersensitivity of the glans and is usually treated by surgery, with an operation called circumcision with glandular neurotomy in which the skin covering the glans (the prepuce) is removed and some nerve fibers that transport the tactile stimuli of the glans are also cut.

On the other hand, when the glans sensitivity does not cause pain but, on the contrary, makes stimulations more intense, intervention is generally not necessary (even if it must always be the doctor) and many things can be done to reduce sensitivity. Here we would like to describe a simple experiment you can do to understand if premature ejaculation depends on your particularly sensitive glans or if it is more related to excitation when you are with the partner.

Take 10-15 minutes all for yourself where you know you will not be bothered. Start by stimulating yourself intimately with your hands or the way you usually use in masturbation. The most important thing is that you do not have to think about anything exciting: do not think of your partner, the woman of your dreams, the model that excites you, the last hardcore video you saw. None of this: move the hand ‘mechanically’ on your penis but think of something else: at the studio, at work, at the film you saw last night, what you will eat for dinner… It stimulates the tip of the penis that is the more sensitive area, but always determined to have no erotic thought: do not think about the penis, do not think about exciting things, think only of the day’s routine.

At this point you evaluate the situation: does the excitement rise as quickly as when you are with a girl, or is it easier to keep control? If alone and without erotic thoughts can restrain you more, then you have the practical demonstration that the ‘fault’ is not of the sensitive glans, but of the erotic stimulations in general: thoughts, fantasies, images (the sight of your naked partner), sounds (his moans of pleasure), perfumes, situations. It’s all those things that make you lose control, so if you also desensitize the glans, you’ll lose control when the other senses are tickled!


You need to train your ability to control yourself. The ability to control is a skill that can be exercised. Just like a runner trains to be able to run longer and longer, up to the marathon, even the ability to manage erotic stimulation (all, not just those on the penis) should be trained.

You can also do what can be called The Horrible Woman Test. Imagine that you are with a woman who is stimulating your penis, in the way you prefer, but this woman is horrible, dirty, flabby, unkempt and smells bad. Do you think you can get excited? Unless you’re a fan of this fetish, certainly not! Even if she’s stimulating your penis, she will not be able to make you come. This is further evidence that premature ejaculation is not caused by the glans, but on all the erotic stimuli: fantasies, images (the beauty of your partner), sounds (what it tells you, moans), perfumes, situations.

Let’s go back to the first test, to masturbate thinking about something else: if it really is the touch on the glans that makes you lose control, here’s what you can do to reduce sensitivity:

Keep the glans uncoveredKeep the glans uncovered

During the day, keep the glans ‘uncovered’ by lifting the foreskin, i.e. the skin covering the tip of the penis. In this way the glans, no longer protected by that skin, receives continuous rubbing from the undergarments, the mucosa becomes thickened and becomes less sensitive. This is what happens when circumcision surgery is performed: there is no longer any skin that protects the glans, so over time it loses some of the sensitivity.

It is very important that you do not start keeping it open all day, otherwise it is almost certain that you will get a very annoying irritation. Some may do it hoping to have results first, but then they will pay the consequences. You have to proceed step by step: the first day 5 minutes, then 10 minutes and if by chance you feel discomfort for that day do not keep it out. Remember that after the intervention of circumcision the penis takes several months to ‘get used’ to its new condition, so if you think to put this technique into practice, you have to proceed very gradually and give yourself time.

Avoid anesthetic products

Avoid anesthetic ointments, sprays that reduce sensitivity and retarding condoms. First of all they do not solve the problem because they reduce the sensitivity of the skin, but the pleasure receptors are both on the skin and more internally on the penis. If you are not able to handle those stimuli, even with anesthetic you will struggle to control ejaculation; if you are able to handle them, you will not need anesthetics!

In addition, those products, even those advertised based on natural raw materials, contain substances that in the long run can give great problems of dermatitis and irritation. It is absolutely not possible to use them for life and therefore they are not a definitive solution. Lastly, if you have an anesthetic ointment spread on the glans, in the moment of penetration you will ‘smear’ this anesthetic in the partner’s vagina, which in turn will be desensitized. And then it will be even harder to give her pleasure!

Train insensitivity

Reducing only the physical sensitivity of the glans, as explained above, is almost never enough: the glans gives you the sensations that, in certain situations, can be very intense. It is therefore also necessary to desensitize oneself from these sensations.

Imagine lying on a bed of nails: you would certainly feel a great pain! But a fakir can stay on it for a long time without getting hurt. Fakir has in fact followed a particular training to desensitize from that physical sensation. There is nothing magical: it is only training of the ability. And you too can practice and learn to desensitize yourself from the sensations that come from the glans. Instead of having the nerve fibers surgically cut, you can train yourself to keep the excitement low even when stimuli of pleasure from the glans arrive.

How not to be fooled by natural remedies for premature ejaculation

While premature ejaculation is a condition that can be and should be aided with home remedies, some natural remedies advertised on the Internet can be a scam to avoid at all costs. Here we will take a look at some ingredients that, although popularly believed to have everything to do with men’s sexual health, have a very modest – if any at all – effect on the problem of premature ejaculation. So before you buy a supplement of any kind, we suggest that you take an informed look at the list of its ingredients.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestrisTribulus terrestris is perhaps the most notorious of such ingredients: it is a plant used in the 70s because it was believed that it increased the testosterone level. This plant therefore has no action on premature ejaculation: if it can ever serve against impotence. In reality it does not even do that: in fact, recent studies have shown that there is no action on testosterone. Here is the reference to scientific study: ‘The aphrodisiac herb Tribulus terrestris does not influence the production of young men.’ So, this ingredient is completely useless.

Trigonella has a mild action on increasing sexual desire and excitability. So this component can even make the problem of premature ejaculation worse. Fortunately at the dose of 44mg does not do anything, in fact, the minimum dose for which it has some effect is 1200mg a day, but in this tablet there is 30 times less.


OatsYes, you got it right: oats are a cereal, like rice or wheat. The amount of oats in some tablets sold as PE supplement is equal to 1 grain of rice. Now, to make believe that an oatmeal can have positive effects on premature ejaculation is an insult to people’s intelligence.

Zinc is a mineral that can increase testosterone production. So it is useful in impotence but it is useless in premature ejaculation. Furthermore the minimum effective dose of zinc is 50mg per day. Here one tablet contains 5mg, i.e. 10 times less than the minimum.


L-arginine: at doses of 1000mg a day can increase the amount of semen emitted during ejaculation. The tablet contains 300mg, so do the math! In any case, it has no function on premature ejaculation.

Guarana extract

Guarana extract: it is an exciting substance and, as such, it can worsen the problem of premature ejaculation.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6: while it is certainly beneficial for your health, it has nothing to do with your ability to last longer in bed.


GriffoniaGriffonia is a plant that raises serotonin levels and higher serotonin reduces the symptoms of premature ejaculation. It is the only phytotherapeutic remedy that has an effect on ejaculation control, even if this effect is very small. In fact, attention: griffonia alone cannot solve a problem of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation resolves with appropriate exercises that train your ability to control you, desensitize you and eliminate performance anxiety. That is the only solution (it’s like diet and gymnastics to lose weight): griffonia can be a little help in this path because keeping high serotonin facilitates the success of the techniques, but alone does not cure a problem of premature ejaculation .

Griffonia has an active ingredient called 5-htp. The recommended daily dose of 5-htp is 300mg. On the box of this product it is written that the dose in the pills is 350mg. It seems a serious matter. Unfortunately, the only supplement containing griffonia that our editorial team managed to find contained 175mg of it. But the most interesting thing is that those 175mg are of ‘Griffonia dry extract titrated to 25% of 5-htp’.

This complicated sentence is actually saying that in a tablet only 25% of its weight is the active ingredient, 5-htp. All the rest are other components of the plant that do nothing, the classic fibers. In fact in a tablet there are 175mg x 25% = 44mg of active ingredient. Considering that the daily dose should be 300mg, this pill has 7 times less!

The majority of such supplements contain ingredients that are potentially useful only for the problem of impotence, but that do nothing against premature ejection. It also contains amounts from 10 to 50 times lower than those needed to have an effect. In fact you are paying for ‘empty’ pills.

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