Diseases A to Z

Learn about diseases, their symptoms, treatments and more from our health experts

Know thyself and know thy enemy. In this chapter, you will gain a deeper knowledge about your body’s main system, and the ailments that may plague them. Armed with this ultimate understanding, you will gain a vantage of clear vision and educated health solutions. It has taken a team of experts and months and months of research and editing to bring you this reference guide on most common diseases – and then some, arranged in comprehensible alphabetic order.

The major purpose of this compilation is for you to have it quick at hand for whenever you need to know of symptoms, treatments, outcomes and self-help options. To any listed disease you will find elaborately arranged tips on how to assuage the symptoms or recover completely – all of them are filed under three other sections of our resource. Do not forget that our materials are purely educational in their nature, and are not to be regarded as or used in lieu of a professional examination and treatment. We encourage you to be discreet in every health-related decision you take and wish you to stay well.