Aphrodisiacs That Help Fight Psychological Erectile Dysfunction And Low Libido

In the spring, when nature awakens, explodes the season of love, and it is best to get to the top of the form. Here are the vegetable remedies that tone the body, stimulate libido, and improve performance between the sheets. For aphrodisiac plants, those herbs with stimulating action are able to act on the function of the endocrine system, enhance libido, and improve sexual performance.

enhance libido

Natural aphrodisiacs on the one hand tone the body counteracting the states of psychophysical fatigue, on the other they act on the circulatory system, thus promoting the blood spraying of the genitals. The word ‘aphrodisiac’ comes from the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love. The ancient descriptions depict it as beautiful, luscious, and vanity; the priesthoods dedicated to her, on the official day devoted to divinity, used to observe worship by consuming sexual intercourse.

In the frescoes and sculptures that immortalize her, the goddess is naked with swans, dolphins, doves or pomegranates, myrrhs and lemons. This iconographic representation deliberately relates to plants, foods and sexuality, a bond present in all ages and in all cultures.


In 1990, a survey was conducted in France: men and women found themselves in a mere question, ie what was an aphrodisiac. Most men answered that it was a substance that could increase the duration of sexual intercourse, while for most women the aphrodisiac was used to increase the desire. This makes us understand that men and women live differently in sexuality.

When organic causes such as sexual and psychological dysfunction, resulting from psychoemotic discomfort, compromise well-being and intimacy with the partner, anxiety and frustration overwhelm, giving rise to real sexual ailments.

Whether to pass away passion and fantasy are the tiredness and stress of everyday life, among the plants that can stimulate eros and improve the loving performance, there are mainly the adaptants, capable of increasing physical resistance, strengthening the system immune, endocrine and nervous, giving beneficial effects on mood.

There are also aphrodisiac plants that act directly on the hormonal system, regulating the secretion of the glands (adrenal, pituitary and pancreas). Their therapeutic activity is on multiple fronts: they increase fertility, cure vaginal dryness, increase energy and libido, and fight depression.

Natural Aphrodisiacs for Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the main plants that ‘do good to love,’ indicating how to draw the greatest benefit:

1. Ginseng

It is a root from China and Korea, used in fatigue states, to improve physical and mental endurance. It appears that ginsenosides, active principles of the plant, have estrogen-like activity that stimulates a greater inflow of blood to the cavernous body, allowing a more vigorous erection. The scientific studies that have been followed and are still ongoing have tried to highlight the mechanisms of action and active principles present in this plant, the treatment of ED and erectile dysfunction in humans, and to awaken sexual desire in woman.

2. Guarana

Defined as a ‘source of youth’, is a climbing plant that the Amazonian Indios use as a stimulant to the vitality and vigor of the body, to obtain positive effects on the duration of the relationship. It rejuvenates sexual energy, increases the chance of reaching orgasm and its intensity, as well as improving sexual performance.

Guarana3. Eleuteroccocus

This Siberian plant stimulates metabolism and rebalances energy. It is used to treat sexual turbulence and female frigidity because it is able to regulate hormone secretion, stimulate adrenal and sexual glands, resulting in increased libido.

4. Rhodiola

The royal rhodiola in Siberia was given to the bride and groom to provide them with a healthy and numerous offspring. It has beneficial effects on moody tone, whose alteration may affect the immune system, cause hormonal imbalances, interfere with the cardiovascular system, causing depression and dysfunction. The plant is used to provide a boost to desire besides having a positive effect on sexual function, improving satisfaction, pleasure, and responsiveness to orgasms.

5. Damiana

Damiana is a South African psychophysical stimulant, with excellent results in treating ED and frigidity especially if it is of psychological origin. Contains alkaloids that directly stimulate the sexual organs, it helps to toning the mucous membranes of the reproductive organs and is effective against performance anxiety, especially if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

6. Maca

Andean maca. Traditional Andean medicine advises this tuber in case of fatigue, stress, convalescence, decline in sexual desire and infertility. During Spanish colonization, macaque root was successfully used to improve horse fertility. Scientific studies have shown that tubers are able to regulate the male and female hormone system to act on seed production and quality, reduce vaginal dryness and enhance excitement, thus giving a boost to libido and sexual ratio.

7. Garlic

Real panacea thanks to the presence of allicin, garlic is a powerful antibacterial. Disinfect and fluidize the blood, favoring male erection and female genital vasodilation.

Guarana8. Anice (seeds)

This versatile and tasty spice was indicated as an aphrodisiac already in the classical age. Anise seeds can also be munched at the end of the meal to smell the breath and facilitate digestion. The same is true for coriander, cumin, fennel, and cardamom, which helps digestion and is useful against the irritable bowel. Note: from the latter choose only the light green variety, which unlike the ivory color is not treated chemically.

9. Asafetida

Known also as hing, it is widely used in ayurvedic cuisine due to its stimulating and digestive properties. It is in the form of root – to be grated – or powdered. Caution should be urged though, smell and taste are very decisive. Only for strong palates!

10. Nutmeg

Although in minimal doses, it contains an exciting essential oil, myristic. The nutmeg seems to work primarily in men.

11. Saffron

Picrocrocine, an organic compound that gives its saffron its characteristic flavor, can have stimulating properties on erogenous areas.

12. Ginger

Scented and spicy, it is an excellent natural reconstitute, ginger can be used in conjunction with ginseng against sexual asthenia.

GuaranaGinger is a tonic reconstitute, suitable not only against fatigue and asthenia, but also in case of ED. The aphrodisiac attributes attributed to ginger mainly concern its ability to stimulate circulation and to ensure a greater inflow of blood to the sexual organs. The merit is substances such as gingerolo and zingiberene.

13. Pineapple

Pineapple improves male erotic performance. In fact, this fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that acts on digestion and on blood circulation.

14. Chocolate

A perfect, voluptuous mix of molecules and hormones in which stands anandamide, whose name derives from the Sanskrit word ananda, meaning ‘interior bliss’. Chocolate brings joy, strengthens mood and increases sexual desire.

15. Mussels, clams and oysters

They contain zinc, which increases the amount of testosterone in the blood resulting in increased sexual desire. Integrating zinc is important for humans, because every orgasm is lost in quantity.

16. Pine nuts

Another product of the ancient erotic reputation, so much so that Galeno, in the II sec. d.C., included pine nuts among the remedies against ED. The credit is of vitamin B3, which contributes to the production of testosterone, the male hormone par excellence.

17. Avocado

Avocado, rich in fat and extremely nutritious; the ancient Atzechs called avocado ‘the testicle tree’, also because of the shape of the fruit.

avokado18. Seafood

Caviar, oysters, molluscs are zinc-rich foods, an essential mineral to enhance fecundity in particular male.

19. Cocoa

Cocoa, the healthiest and the highest quality, free from other hydrogenated fats (lecithins, margarine) is rich in antioxidants and exciting substances such as theobromine; the food of the gods was considered by the Aztecs.

20. Chili pepper

Chili pepper is the most popular natural aphrodisiac. Chili is immediately associated with desire and passion. It acts as a vasodilator and improves circulation. Raises body temperature and tones the walls of the arteries. Aphrodisiac power would be guaranteed by its capsaicin content, which attributes the spicy flavor.

21. Almonds

Their high vitamin E content directly affects sexual desire and female fertility

22. Bananas

They are rich in potassium and vitamin B6, two essential components for the formation of testosterone. Therefore, they are considered the perfect male aphrodisiac, as well as a natural cure for ED and infertility. They also contain special enzymes that help increase libido.

23. Saffron

Saffron, to improve male sexual performance to be taken regularly, as it stimulates circulation and awakens the senses.

24. Vanilla

It has euphoric-excitatory effects and has no significant side effects, it can be consumed in large quantities. It combats sexual asthenia, like every aphrodisiac valid for women, but also for men. Vanilla acts on the central nervous system also through its unmistakable scent.


Aphrodisiacs in natural supplements

Natural aphrodisiac nutritional supplements can stimulate endocrine functionality, boost libido, and improve sexual performance. When using natural aphrodisiac supplements can help your ED? First and foremost, this practice will come with serious benefits for psychological ED. It often happens that psycho-physical discomfort, bad nutrition, anxiety, stress, and frustration take the lead, giving rise to real sexual dysfunctions that can undermine not only normal sexual activity but also the well-being and understanding of the couple.

quick fact:
The term ‘aphrodisiac’ has very ancient origins. It dates back to more than 5,000 years ago and was used with reference to the myth of Aphrodite, a goddess of love that according to Greek culture, would have emerged from the sea waters sealed in an oyster shell. The aphrodisiac foods and plants were already known, appreciated and consumed by Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures.

Aphrodisiac plants are the herbs that can:

  • provide stimulating action that can stimulate the function of the hormone system by regulating the secretion of the glands (adrenal, pituitary, gonad);
  • provide adaptogenic action (ie increase physical strength and benefit the immune system and mood);
  • boost libido and improve sexual performance;
  • act as tonic, counteracting the states of psychophysical fatigue;
  • act as vasodilators, favoring blood spraying of the genital organs.

Here are some:

Muira Pauma

Muira Pauma grows spontaneous in Brazil along the banks of the Rio de Janeiro. From the roots and the stem, alkaloids can be used to treat sexual dysfunctions in both men and women. These substances stimulate peripheral vasodilatation.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a typical plant of Chinese folk medicine; its aphrodisiac properties are linked to ginko-flavons very useful in regulating circulatory function. Their vasodilatory actions are used not only to increase sexual desire, but also to their adverse effect on Alzheimer’s disease therapy. Ginkgo extracts should not be used in combination with platelet aggregates, such as heparin and aspirin, and products that increase gastric acidity, such as garlic and willow.

Ginkgo BilobaMaca

The root also known as Peruvian ginseng, is a powerful energetic and reconstituting; rich in vitamins and phyto-hormones increases the amount of testosterone and sexual desire both male and female.


Damiana: is a South African psychophysical stimulant, with excellent results in treating ED and frigidity especially if it is of psychological origin. This aphrodisiac plant contains alkaloids that directly stimulate the sexual organs, it helps to toning the mucous membranes of the reproductive organs and is effective against performance anxiety


It is a root from China and Korea, used in fatigue states, to improve physical and mental endurance. Its use as tonic and revitalizing, which promotes health and longevity, dates back thousands of years and is the most famous of all herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It also has aphrodisiac properties and is therefore used successfully to improve sexual performance and male ED.


It’s a root similar to Ginseng but of Siberian origin, stimulates metabolism and rebalances energy. It is used to treat sexual turbulence and female frigidity because it is able to regulate hormone secretion.


Essential oils as natural aphrodisiacs

Smell and the perception of odors play a key role in sexuality. We discover what essential oils are able to seduce and predispose to pleasure. In aromatherapy, essential aphrodisiac oils are used to stimulate and modulate desire, dissolve tensions and help let go. The message, conveyed by the aromatic molecules and perceived by our smell, comes directly and immediately to the areas of the brain connected to the instinctive and emotional side, and is capable of significantly affecting the reactions of the vegetative system, directly related to pleasure and to sexual responses.

An example of what is said is the unconscious perception of the natural odor of others, a component that has a decisive influence on the partner’s choice. This mechanism, widely studied in animal behavior, is linked to the coupling and reproduction processes and plays a significant role also in the human being. It is no coincidence that strong physical attraction is often determined and mediated by smell; many sexual ailments or relational difficulties can be linked to a totally instinctive refusal, to the smell of the other, who does not like, disturbs and thus leads to a progressive retreat. That’s why just essential oils can help us overcome some specific sexual ailments.

The bond between the art of seduction and scent has very ancient roots as well as the concept of aphrodisiac scent. This is a relative and not absolute concept: each one based on one’s own experiences and temperament is recognized in certain flavors rather than in others and can therefore find a pleasing essence instead of another. Olfactory choices and preferences may also vary over the course of life, and individual responses are constantly evolving and vary based on their lives, needs, desire for stability or the desire to change.

This consideration makes us realize that there is no equal perfume for everyone, who is capable of seduction and predisposing to pleasure. There are, however, some essential oils that, according to their specific fragrance, may come back more than others in this vital dimension of human experience that is sexuality.


This is how you can use them:

  • Personal Perfumes: They can be used as genuine perfumes if diluted in alcohol.
  • Creams and massage oils: to personalize neutral creams and vegetable oils to apply on the face or body for massage with essential oils or simply to perfume your moisturizing and nutritious lotion.
  • Stimulating bath: 10 drops in the bathtub water before your performance under the sheets will help stimulate your desire and prepare for the relationship.
  • Environmental diffusion: 1gc per sqm of the environment, by air diffusion with a burner of essences or in the humidifiers of the radiators.

Essential oils for her

Ylang ylang essential oil

It helps awaken the senses, in the case of frigidity and ED, and for those who cannot let go; removes doubt, insecurities and feelings blocked. The ylang ylang essential oil is of great help in repressed femininity because it delivers joy, sensuality, euphoria and inner security. It creates harmony in the face of contrasts, rage, rancor and frustration, because it promotes understanding and forgiveness, dissolves disappointments and offenses and restores the desire to love.Ylang ylang essential oil:

Rose essential oil

It opens and strengthens the heart, relaxes the soul and activates the arrangement for tenderness and love, because it develops patience, devotion and self-esteem. It gives joy and casts negative thoughts, balancing negative emotions caused by rage, jealousy and stress

Patchouli essential oil

induces the pituitary gland to produce endorphin (euphoric) useful to those who cannot let go (frigidity) or has a decrease in libido: increases concentration and energy. Recommended for mature people who, because of their social and professional life, have to control their physical drives, and suffer from psycho-physical exhaustion or sexual ailments.

Essential oils for him

Essential pine oil

It is linked to the male universe, it helps those who have difficulty getting in touch with their virility and expressing it. It has a stimulating action, useful in treating ED, frigidity, and libido.pine-essential-oil

Ginger essential oil

It has a rubeffing effect (that is, it causes the blood to appear in the most superficial layers of the skin, warming the area and lightening the inflammation of the underlying layers precisely because of blood grafting). Ginger essential oil gives warmth to the body and helps to awaken and warm the proper senses.

Sandal essential oil

It acts by balancing sexuality with the spirit, promoting the integration of the sacred with the profane: for this reason it is used in the schools of tantra yoga to transform the sexual energies into spiritual energies. It is therefore not a direct aphrodisiac, since its action is predominantly meditative and directed towards the interiority: it is aimed rather on subjects who live the subject with superficiality. It transforms sexual energy by elevating it to the spiritual plane. It reduces aggressiveness and violent instincts, relaxes exasperation, and releases blocked sexual energy.

Natural aphrodisiac nutritional supplements can stimulate endocrine functionality, boost libido, and improve sexual performance.

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